Dating Abroad and Studying In College


If you’re in college, then it’s quite possible that you’re going abroad to study or you’re planning a trip abroad with your friends for the summer. I’ve put together a list of things to remember when dating abroad on your trip. Check this out before you go on your journey abroad.

dating abroad in college

A Few Dating Abroad Tips To Know In College

Without wasting any time here, I’ll get right to the list…

Change App Location

If you’re anything like me, then you’re using a casual dating app already to help you find people to bang. That’s a great start and I suggest that! But you must remember to change your app location if you want to be successful. Some apps make you change them manually and others do it automatically. This is essential when it comes to meeting women in the local area.

Pack Protection

Look, if you’re going to be sticking your ‘you know what’ inside something foreign, then I’d suggest making sure you have the right protection. I’m not saying that the chances of you getting any disease is higher because you’re trying to bang a local girl while abroad. I’m just saying it’s best to not have to worry about it the entire time you’re over there.

Don’t Drink Too Much

Yes, I’ve said it before but I’ll say it again. Do not get so drunk that you don’t remember your own name. Have fun and bang girls while abroad but do so in a manner that’s not going to cause you to be taken advantage of too much. The reason I say this is because according to an article published in USA Today, 37% of individuals surveyed that had studied abroad said they blacked out more or as often as they did at home while being abroad. Those people may or may not have gotten laid a lot. I don’t know but I’d say it’s best to not find out.

Stick and Move

This may sound contrary to everything I’ve said already but while dating abroad, I’d suggest not getting attached to anyone. Instead, hit it and quit it. Just keep moving on and find someone else to fuck while your dating abroad. It makes for a more memorable experience!

Now that you know exactly what’s required of you while dating abroad, I’d suggest that you start packing for your trip. I spent time in Europe and South America while in college. It was the best time of my life and you’ll likely feel the same way!

Grammar Matters In Every Online Dating Aspect


Okay, so I do not have the best spelling and grammar on the face of this planet. However, you best believe that I put forth great effort in using proper grammar when it comes to dating and communicating online with someone if you are trying to score a date with them.

grammar dating study

Photo Credit: Twitter/Digitaltrends

Regardless how casual the site or app might be that you’re using to try and hook up on. It’s extremely important that you proofread your messages. It may just make or break your online dating experience. The good news is that you’re in luck, there are tools that can help you sound smarter than a 6th grader even if you’re really not.

Grammarly, a Google Chrome grammar checking application, is the recommended app to use when writing anything online to anyone. The company recently teamed up with mainstream dating giant eHarmony in order to conduct a survey on the impact poor grammar and spelling mistakes have on individuals dating experiences. They had surveyed over 10,000 dating profiles and published an infographic to share the results with the world. Here are some of the stats from the study…

The study determined that overall app and site usage increases between January 1 and Valentine’s Day with approximately 11% of American adults using one or the other. There’s also a significant increase in the number of subscribers during this period as well.

The study revealed that men who used the word “whom” properly were 31% more likely to get contacted by the opposite sex. The study also determined that men who wrote “women” on their profile rather than “girls” were 28% more successful. Now, I’m not sure what they mean by success but I’m assuming they had lined up more dates with other members.

I’m going to cut to the chase here, it’s more crucial for men to use proper spelling and grammar versus women. If your profile even has just two spelling or grammar errors then you reduce your chances of getting laid by 14%.

The study revealed that grammar even trumps confidence! I was quite surprised by this one actually. Then again, no one wants to date someone that sounds like a complete moron. being confident and not being capable of doing something most 5th graders can handle is a real turn off.

The bottom line is, read your profile and communicate carefully or you’re drastically reducing your chances of getting laid.

Grammarly eHarmony Study


The Half Night Stand Is The New One Night Stand


Remember when we you used to hang around with friends and talk about your one night stands? So do I! Turns out that having a one night stand is so last year! The new thing that’s in now is the half night stand.

Half Night Stand

The Half Night Stand Has Replaced The One Night Stand

Forget everything you know about one night stands and why they were looked as being so unacceptable or crazy. Society today literally has no time for that. The one night stand is no longer in the cards for most people. College students are busy with school and partying with their friends. Working men and women are busy in meetings or are spending time in the office for hours on end. No one has time to spend the night anymore.

The half night stand seems to be taking off more than ever in the UK. According to Diana Appleyard, “Sex is disposable — you do it, go home and laugh with mates about it on Facebook.” The days of people wanting to go for coffee and hang all day after the act of hooking up is over.

I hate to break the news to you but no one wants to spend time with you. They just want to maybe have a few drinks with you, have sex with you and go home 5 minutes later. Simple as that. It really doesn’t get any easier than that. This is what is known as the half night stand. It’s pretty much the most acceptable way to get laid today. Do yourself a favor and make it a point to do this as many times as you can.

I do it and I get laid more than I can count! If you’re in college  you should try to find someone to have a half night stand with using a hook up dating website. I typically ask the girls if they want to have a couple drinks and hang out for a couple of hours. I keep it at only a couple of hours or few hours. It makes it much easier to setup the half night stand.

Relationship Red Flags That Make People Call It Quits


I’ve had a few relationships end in my day. That’s what happens when you’re actively dating and it’s likely bound to happen until you settle down. That’s not in the cards for any of us right now though so let me not focus on that. Here’s few relationship red flags that have caused me and others to call it quits. There are many more red flags but these are the ones that come to mind first.

relationship red flags

Relationship Red Flags

No one likes dating or being in a relationship with someone that’s lazy. Most of the time that just means more work for one party. If you’re lazy or someone you’re dating is lazy, I’d suggest that you change you ways immediately unless you want them dating someone else.

Bad in Bed
This is a big red flag. Everyone needs to get laid and if you’re bad in bed then you’re in trouble. I’ve literally left dates in the middle of hooking up with someone because they sucked at it so bad. Don’t let this happen to you. Instead, you’ve got to perfect your bedroom skills if you want to keep getting laid.

Bad Hygiene
Another classic relationship red flag is bad hygiene. There’s only so much that one person can take in terms of body odor, bad health care, and overall bad hygiene. Clean yourself up and get things straightened out if you want to successfully date today.

Too much distance is a surefire way to slowly kill most relationships. I don’t care if the sex is amazing, no one wants to travel 100+ miles to get laid all the time. I’ve called off a casual sex hookup myself due to the distance being a factor.

No Humor
Life is serious enough. If you’re too serious and don’t have a slight sense of humor then you’re not going to get very far in life. People want to be in relationships with others that make them happy or make them laugh. If you’re the type that doesn’t have a humor, then you’re not going to be getting laid. I promise you that.

This one isn’t really a red flag but more so a suggestion. Smoking is terrible for you and it attributes to your bad breath and bad hygiene. If you do smoke, I’d suggest that you do what you can in order to quit.

These are just a few of the basic relationship red flags that I know of and I personally take them pretty seriously. If you want to keep getting laid, then I’d suggest you do the same.

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Kyrie Irving and Kehlani Now Dating?


I normally don’t write updates on celebs and their dating status but I wanted to share this news with you. It seems to be the latest trend, basketball players dating hot musically talented women. This time, it’s the point guard on the Cleveland Cavaliers, Kyrie Irving and he’s said to be dating sexy singer Kehlani. Is it true?

kyrie irving dating kehlani

Credit: Instagram @kyrieirving

Kyrie Irving and Kehlani Officially Together

Yes, it’s true. They are in fact dating each other. According to a post that was made on Kyrie Irving’s Instagram.

No sooner, Kehlani reposted the same update that Kyrie had made public. Like I said, it’s not all that common for this type of public openness to occur and I wanted to share it with you. Even this couple have been very secretive for a long time about their relationship. According to oComplex, they’ve delete posts in order to not put too much out there.

I guess they decided to stop hiding things and wanted to make it officially public.

Now, I’m sure you know who Kyrie Irving is is you’ve watched any Cleveland Cavaliers basketball this year. Kyrie was born in Australia and grew up in West Orange New Jersey. Kyrie is currently playing a powerhouse role with Lebron James and Kevin Love. He’s only 23 years old and paid a killer salary of 16.41 million. A true boss to the fullest.

Kehlani is a 20-year-old sexy R&B singer and songwriter that’s a member of the Atlantic Records artist family. She’s got some sexy tattoos and has even won a Grammy Award. It’s no secret that she’s talented AF! If you’re interested in checking out her work, watch the video below.

At this point, you may be thinking to yourself, “I wish I could hook up with a sexy celebrity.” So, the question you should be asking here is, “Is it possible for you to hookup with a sexy celeb on a dating site?” I have to say that it’s 100% possible to hook up with a sexy celebrity on a dating website. They want to get laid just as much as you do. The only way to find out is to just join one and try to connect with them. It’s all about networking. Just get out there and do it!

Dating Strange Girls And What You Need To Know


Whether you’re using a dating app or not, if you’re putting yourself out there in the dating field, there’s a good chance that you may run into a weird girl or two. Heck, you may even decide to go on a date with one. If you do, there are a few things that you should be aware of before doing so.

strange girls

Things To Know About Strange Girls

Interesting Outfits
It shouldn’t come as a shocker that the strange girl may dress weird. She may show up in combat boots and a dress or perhaps jean overalls. It’s tough to say but you’ll be able to spot the weird girl if she’s weird with her outfit choices.

Strange Ideas
Strange girls will often come up with strange ideas and they are not afraid to share the ideas at the drop of a hat. Perhaps she’ll suggest a picnic at a circus or some insane idea that you just have to go along with. Chances are, it might even be a genius idea. She’s good like that. In the event that it’s not, you play along anyway.

Attention Deficit Disorder
Concentration is difficult for any of us 90% of the time. However, the strange girl has an even tougher time concentrating. Don’t be surprised if she spaces out on a date or completely blacks out for a short period of time. It happens all the time.

Public Scenes
If you’re dating a strange girl, there’s a chance that you’ll be involved in some sort of public scene one once or twice. Yes, heads will turn and hopefully it’s a positive scene. If it’s not, you better watch out because it won’t be forgotten by the surrounding people.

Caffeine Makes Her Crazy
If you think a girl is strange before you even start dating, I’d suggest you not mix caffeine and booze. Caffeine can make the strange girl crazy, so the Redbull and vodka drinks must come to an end.

Seduction Always Interesting
When it comes to putting on seduction game on, she’s not always on point and it can get messy. Don’t worry though, the strange girls will do their best to try and seduce you in order to bang. You have to give her credit regardless. Heck, maybe you should do so by banging her.

She’ll Say Anything
The strange girl will say almost anything at any given point. If you’re on a date with a strange girl, she’s going to say something to either make you laugh or think WTF!

Zero Fucks
Last but not least, the strange girl gives zero fucks about anything. She’s all about living life for her and not for conforming to society. This is a quality I really admire and you should as well.

If you haven’t dated a weird girl up until now, I’d suggest that you get out there and find one.  Click the home page for my experience with online dating at

Online Dating Facts You Probably Haven’t Discovered Yet


If you are just getting started using sex apps or sites in the new year, then there are some online dating facts that you’ve probably yet to have discovered. These facts are pretty important and for the most part, they’re likely to get you laid or even passed on if you don’t know them. Knowing is half the battle.

online dating facts

Dating Facts You Need To Know

Everyone Uses Dating Apps

If you think that married women, the girl next door or even your college professor don’t use dating apps or aren’t members of sites, then you are 100% wrong. Fact is, everyone uses dating sites today and it’s no surprise that this is a great thing! The more the merrier!

You Must Commit To Succeed

commitIf you want to get laid, then you need to work at it. Yes, it’s a known fact that in order to succeed you must commit to something. The same goes for online dating. Those that don’t put in the effort are often overlooked and don’t get lucky.

Quantity and Quality Matter

both quality and quantityIf you think meeting one person is enough then you’re wrong. Also, if you think you’re going to meet your favorite bang on the first date then you’re probably wrong here too. You need to work on meeting as many quality people as possible.

Upfront People Get More

be upfrontYup, it’s 100% absolutely true! Individuals that are more upfront about what they want, pretty much get what they want. I never lie when it comes to dating online and I pretty much always get what I want, when I want and how I want!

Profiles Make or Break It

dating profiles matterThose that put more effort into their dating profiles get laid more and it makes their online dating experience that much more enjoyable.

Research Matters

researchIt’s a fact that those who research others on dating networks make more connections and get lucky more than those which have not. Stop wasting time sitting on the couch and start researching.

You Need To Meet In Person

lets meetIt’s a known fact that you need to meet someone in person in order to hook up with them. I personally choose to connect with them on Snapsext first then meet them in person.

You Don’t Need To Lie

stop lyingStop thinking that you need to lie about your dating habits or experiences. The age of online dating is here and there is no need to lie about any of it!

Master The Hookup Game In 2016


Mastering the hookup game is something that many may think is next to impossible. I’m here to tell you that it’s very achievable, so long as you are focused and ready to work towards winning. Here are a few tips that might help you master the hookup game in 2016.

the hookup game

Tips For Mastering The Hookup Game This Year

If you want to master the hookup game this new year then you’ve got to do a few things on a daily basis. These things are not difficult. However, they help and will make it possible for you to actually succeed this year. Heck, you may even get laid every single day in the new year. Trust me and keep reading below.

1) Do it daily.
The hookup game is no different than any other strategizing game. If you want to succeed, you’ve got to work at it every single day. This isn’t asking a lot either. In fact, it’s fairly easy to work at it. Just be sure to access the dating site that you’re using daily. Doing so shows the rest of the users that you are active and serious about hooking up.

2) Tweak your profile.
Most people make the mistake of setting up their profile and rarely updating it. This isn’t going to get you laid in this game. Instead, you must continuously update your profile and attempt to reach your profile peak. You’ll know when you do because you’ll begin receiving more messages and connecting with more women than you thought was possible. If you need help setting up your dating profile I can help you if you’d like. Before you ask my for help, read this post on getting started.

3) Find more places.
If you want to master the dating game, you need to have ammo. By ammo, I mean you need to have places to take your dates. I constantly am trying to work on finding new places to take potential sex partners. If you find yourself connecting with someone yet you have no place to take them on a date, you’re pretty much fucked and not in a good way. Being a master at the hookup game means knowing every single local place to go on a date and which are the best.

These three simple tips can help you master the game this year. It’s all about consistency and putting in real effort. Don’t half ass it this year!

Adopting A Pet Wingman (Dog) Might Get You Laid More


I’m an animal lover and I truly believe that dogs enrich the lives of their owners. It’s no secret that there are many advantages to owning a dog. In fact, adopting a puppy may help you get laid more. I know, it sounds absolutely crazy, but if you’re a single guy and you want to get laid more, it may be time to get yourself a pet wingman i.e. a cute puppy.

pet wingman

A Pet Wingman Puppy Can Get You Laid…A Lot!

No, I’m not pulling this statement out of my ass. I’m actually writing based on both personal experiences and written facts here so please keep reading. According to an article published, a research team recently surveyed more than 1,200 people and of those individuals that were women, the majority of them said that they were more attracted to someone because they were pet owners. Now, based on my personal experiences of walking an English bulldog puppy on the weekends in a local area, I was able to bang more than a dozen girls just by them stopping to talk about the bulldog. That’s a lot of booty for just having a pet wingman right?

Now, I need to be very clear here  with this. The same does not apply towards having a cat as a pet. In fact, during this specific study, women basically said that a man having a pet cat was more of a turn-off. That said, don’t go out and buy a kitten if you don’t have one. Instead, go find the cutest damn puppy you can find and buy it! Then immediately take it to the local Starbucks or wherever the most local foot traffic is in your area. Sit back and watch the puppy do all the work for you.

What you’ve essentially done is gone out and invested in the best wingman possible. A pet wingman is one that is more than likely never to cockblock and even better if you can’t get laid, you’ve got a puppy that you can at least, hang out with. I should also mention the added bonus of having a puppy and what it means for your dating profile. If you’ve not taken any selfies with your puppy, then you better stop everything and do it right now! According to the study, more than 25 percent of the women found it to be a turn on if a dog was in their online dating profile photo.

Lastly, as a responsible adult, I should mention that I’m not suggesting you get a dog just for this reason alone. Make sure that you can provide a good home and love for a puppy. Yes, you must provide more love than you’ll be cashing in on by getting laid from local girls. A dog isn’t for everyone, so make sure it’s for you.

Jennifer Lawrence Talks ‘Hooking Up’ With Justin Bieber

jennifer lawrence dating

Photo Credit: Bravo

I know I don’t typically write about celebs and their desires to hook up with one another. I couldn’t pass up the chance to share this fun fact today though because I absolutely love Jennifer Lawrence! The sexy Hunger Games co-star wasn’t shy the other day when she was asked whether or not she would hook up with The Biebs. On a show with Andy Cohen, Justin Bieber previously played a game called “To Bae or Not to Bae” and according to Cosmopolitan, when he was presented with Jennifer Lawrence’s name he quickly admitted that she was a solid “Bae.” Now the only thing unknown was how Jennifer Lawrence felt about Justin. Well, we know exactly what she said and it’s certain that Jennifer Lawrence definitely would not hook up with Justin Bieber.

She was brutally honest and responded within seconds to the question without batting an eyelash. Turns out that the hot Hunger Games co-star admitted that she would not hook up with Justin Bieber. Actually, it wasn’t just a know, but a “hard no.” I’m not all that surprised given that she can basically get anyone that she wants and it doesn’t make sense that she settle for The Biebs.

I should also mention that she’s definitely not the only one that’s been put on the spot by Andy Cohen on Bravo TV. He loves asking questions like this and I can’t say I blame him really. Now, it’s only right for me to pose the question here, would you ever hook up with Jennifer Lawrence? I know without a doubt that I would definitely hook up with her if given the chance. I’ll probably never get the opportunity to actually make that happen but what I can do is search the Internet far and wide for a girl that looks like her and if I’m able to accomplish that and bang her then I’m good with that!