Top Singles Vacations For Men That Want To Travel In 2016


I’ll kick things off by saying that singles vacations are the absolute bomb. I take them as frequently as possible and when taken, I always use my favorite adult dating apps to help me stay connected with local girls around the area. If you are single and have wanted to travel, here are all the top destinations you must visit in 2016. If you cannot plan to visit every destination, that’s fine. Traveling today is expensive. Do yourself a favor and try to fit at least two of these in for some fun!

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Top 5 Locations Singles Vacations Most Guys Love

Here’s a rundown of all the places that you need to know about as a single guy living in this world today. I’m positive that you will have a blast at most of these destinations.


The Philippines is brilliant. It is home to more than 7,000 islands. It makes for a great travel location and it also has some of the best nightlife scenes you can imagine. Everything is pretty much affordable. From its affordable massages to brilliantly low accommodation costs, it’s amazing to go to the Philippines. The women are hot over there and they love to fuck men from the United States. Most of them do use dating sites, so all you’ll need to do is log into your favorite sexting site and start chatting with some local Asian women. I should also mention that you can get beer for as low as one US dollar there. Still, don’t want to travel? It is a fun trip and if you decide to go to the Philippines, don’t forget to bring condoms!


Say yes to Amsterdam if you want to travel to a fun place this year. No single man should make the choice of not visiting Amsterdam because the decision willing to avoid the city will haunt them forever.
Amsterdam is the hub to some amazing food, great music, and most importantly women. There is also a very good party scene there. If you like weed and hash, then you’ll love Amsterdam. The locals there are very easy to get along to and there won’t be a dull moment the entire trip. I promise. I went last year and fucked some local girl in the Red Light District. If you are planning your 2016 travels, try and go to visit Amsterdam. You’ll have a fucking blast!


Ibiza, Spain is the most popular travel destinations in the world. You must visit this place if you want to party a few nights away with some crazy people in Europe. Europeans are good looking and they know it so why don’t you go and have some fun with these horny European girls in Ibiza! I know so many single guy friends who have been traveling to Spain this year because of the beauty and magnificence it has to offer. Spain is a remarkable place for all the reasons mentioned above and more. You pretty much get a taste of everything while you are there. I suggest spending a week if you’re traveling from the United States, just to give yourself time to party and recover.


Say hello to Bangkok, Thailand if you want to make the most out of your hard earned cash. I promise you’ll have a ton of fun at this place! Yes, you heard me correctly. Bangkok, Thailand is such a great place to visit. I’ve taken many singles vacations to Thailand and they’ve all been a blast. Surely you’ve seen the Hangover? Am I right? Well, that about sums shit up right there! Bangkok has a lot to offer at such low prices that it’s almost unbelievable. From girls to crazy nightlife, Thailand will give you the biggest bang for your buck. You’ll love it just use protection when fucking the girls over there!


Brazil is the place for 2016. Rio happens to have some of the most beautiful women in the world and the party scene it is pretty incredible. You get to enjoy women with the party, what could be better than that? 2016 is almost over and I’m pretty certain that you can squeeze in one more trip before the year is up!

Dating Abroad and Studying In College


If you’re in college, then it’s quite possible that you’re going abroad to study or you’re planning a trip abroad with your friends for the summer. I’ve put together a list of things to remember when dating abroad on your trip. Check this out before you go on your journey abroad.

dating abroad in college

A Few Dating Abroad Tips To Know In College

Without wasting any time here, I’ll get right to the list…

Change App Location

If you’re anything like me, then you’re using a casual dating app already to help you find people to bang. That’s a great start and I suggest that! But you must remember to change your app location if you want to be successful. Some apps make you change them manually and others do it automatically. This is essential when it comes to meeting women in the local area.

Pack Protection

Look, if you’re going to be sticking your ‘you know what’ inside something foreign, then I’d suggest making sure you have the right protection. I’m not saying that the chances of you getting any disease is higher because you’re trying to bang a local girl while abroad. I’m just saying it’s best to not have to worry about it the entire time you’re over there.

Don’t Drink Too Much

Yes, I’ve said it before but I’ll say it again. Do not get so drunk that you don’t remember your own name. Have fun and bang girls while abroad but do so in a manner that’s not going to cause you to be taken advantage of too much. The reason I say this is because according to an article published in USA Today, 37% of individuals surveyed that had studied abroad said they blacked out more or as often as they did at home while being abroad. Those people may or may not have gotten laid a lot. I don’t know but I’d say it’s best to not find out.

Stick and Move

This may sound contrary to everything I’ve said already but while dating abroad, I’d suggest not getting attached to anyone. Instead, hit it and quit it. Just keep moving on and find someone else to fuck while your dating abroad. It makes for a more memorable experience!

Now that you know exactly what’s required of you while dating abroad, I’d suggest that you start packing for your trip. I spent time in Europe and South America while in college. It was the best time of my life and you’ll likely feel the same way!