Relationship Red Flags That Make People Call It Quits


I’ve had a few relationships end in my day. That’s what happens when you’re actively dating and it’s likely bound to happen until you settle down. That’s not in the cards for any of us right now though so let me not focus on that. Here’s few relationship red flags that have caused me and others to call it quits. There are many more red flags but these are the ones that come to mind first.

relationship red flags

Relationship Red Flags

No one likes dating or being in a relationship with someone that’s lazy. Most of the time that just means more work for one party. If you’re lazy or someone you’re dating is lazy, I’d suggest that you change you ways immediately unless you want them dating someone else.

Bad in Bed
This is a big red flag. Everyone needs to get laid and if you’re bad in bed then you’re in trouble. I’ve literally left dates in the middle of hooking up with someone because they sucked at it so bad. Don’t let this happen to you. Instead, you’ve got to perfect your bedroom skills if you want to keep getting laid.

Bad Hygiene
Another classic relationship red flag is bad hygiene. There’s only so much that one person can take in terms of body odor, bad health┬ácare, and overall bad hygiene. Clean yourself up and get things straightened out if you want to successfully date today.

Too much distance is a surefire way to slowly kill most relationships. I don’t care if the sex is amazing, no one wants to travel 100+ miles to get laid all the time. I’ve called off a casual sex hookup myself due to the distance being a factor.

No Humor
Life is serious enough. If you’re too serious and don’t have a slight sense of humor then you’re not going to get very far in life. People want to be in relationships with others that make them happy or make them laugh. If you’re the type that doesn’t have a humor, then you’re not going to be getting laid. I promise you that.

This one isn’t really a red flag but more so a suggestion. Smoking is terrible for you and it attributes to your bad breath and bad hygiene. If you do smoke, I’d suggest that you do what you can in order to quit.

These are just a few of the basic relationship red flags that I know of and I personally take them pretty seriously. If you want to keep getting laid, then I’d suggest you do the same.

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