Tips For The Perfect Naked Snap Chat

Okay, I’ve been somewhat reserved the past couple posts here. I’ve decided to turn things up a notch and help guide you on your snap chat skills. Whether you’re using Snapsext or another casual snapchat style site, you’ll want to take care to do a few things in order to increase your chances of meeting in person. This all starts with naked snap chat 101. I’m going to break it down for you right now.

naked snap chat

Tips For Nude Snap Chatting Success

Appearance Is Everything

Remember, what you look like on camera is what’s most important. That means you and your appearance. If you’re trying to send some selies chats on Snapsext or any other site, it’s really important that you look presentable. Now, that doesn’t mean getting yourself ready to go to the prom. But, I’d suggest not looking like you’ve just rolled out of bed. If you don’t present yourself as attractive no one is going to think that of you.

Groom and Watch Your Angles

Grooming and keeping the grass trimmed is important. If you’re going to send some snap chat selfies or close up videos of your goods, make sure you’re trimmed up down there. The majority of the people don’t want to see anything amazon like! They want a well-trimmed area. I’ll also touch upon video angles here too. When taking selfies, you can easily give the misconception of what you are bringing to the table. Make sure the angles you’re shooting from shows the real you and that they are in fact flattering. If they aren’t, then don’t shoot from the angle. Simple as that really.

Be Aware of Your Surroundings

We’ve all seen those “selfie fail” photos right? Well, the same can occur for any snap sexting video selfies. It’s extremely important that you remain aware of your surroundings when recording. For example, don’t try and snap a video in a really messy room. This makes you look like a slob and will decrease your chances of getting laid. Now, what can increase your chances are snapping clips of you in adventurous or unique situations, especially if you’re doing it naked!

Talking…Less Is More

The typical think before you speak applies to any successful snap chats. If you send naked selfies to people that are pre-recorded, it’s best to review those before sending them and I suggest you not waste too much time talking. Remember, the objective is to get someone to want to meet up with you. Don’t talk your way out of it.