Should You Join SnapSext In 2023?

For people like me who aren’t afraid to get kinky, SnapSext is a site that you MUST check out. My SnapSext reviews reveal all. Let’s start with the basics though…What’s It’s literally a SnapChat type site but it’s all about sex dating! Let me put it this way, if you’re asking yourself, “Is it any good?” then this information below is meant for you…

I’m Micheal Collins and I reside in South Florida.  – I really don’t feel like putting my personal information on the web and perhaps become detrimental to my quest to hook up with as many women online as humanly possible, so read about my background here and know that I’m doing this to help your best interests. Today’s society has really evolved, and fewer people are going out to get drunk in bars – and instead of turning to the Internet to find websites where like-minded adults can meet one another and become sexual partners. I decided to share my experiences for consumers looking to use Snapsext (often misspelled as sanpsext) in 2023. The review is the most up to date report which covers EVERYTHING you need to know whether you’ve joined, thought about joining, or have no idea what the network is all about. Login – What Happens After You Join?

If you like pretty women, who are into having casual sex without any strings attached, you’ll be logged into one of the best websites you could ever sign up for with that purpose in mind! Not getting a Snap Sext login might be the dumbest move on earth – that’s because it works! 

Selfie from Snap Sext

It always starts nice and innocent, and then the pics just get sexier as time passes…

This is working for me like a charm, and while I thought long and hard about whether I should reveal where I’m meeting all these very sexually charged women, I figured, hey, my review will probably get even more women to sign up which in turn could help me. Plus, there are so many women out there, and new ones join every day, so it’s not like me blogging about my experiences is going to turn anyone off.

Trust me, you won’t go wrong with SnapSext when you join.

I’d tried too many dating websites. All the mainstream normal websites that I’m sure you’ve heard about just didn’t get me the type of woman I wanted. One that would open up about herself and share her sexual prowess with me.

Then one day, after just about quitting online dating forever, I decided to check out these “adult-oriented dating sites.” I figured they were straight to the point and really had an angle towards them that interested me – sex with women who are only looking for that as well. I like honesty, I and like my women upfront and open-minded.  I ended up finding this app and looked for other snapsext reviews elsewhere online.  (While some people didn’t like it, there were enough that RAVED about it, so I had some FOMO kicking in and kept going down the rabbit hole.)

In looking for a dating site or app, I Iook for companies that don’t generate complaints, and after running my normal background checks (which is basically using Google to search for stuff like “Snap Sext Scam,” or “Snap Sext Testimonials,” I found the site to have a very good reputation and I couldn’t find complaints from angry members.

Reputation Grade: A+

My Personal SnapSext Review

Signing up was super simple, and actually the entire process made me laugh. There’s a woman who removes articles of clothing as the registration process completes. I thought to myself, “that’s one of the most clever things I’ve ever seen in adult dating online.” In addition, there were some sexy women who were in my area on the landing page which really got my blood pumping. review

Overall the site is very user friendly. After seeing a handful of pictures I was prompted to choose women I felt were sexy. They made this process FUN and EASY.  Check it out for yourself right here.

Eventually, pics start getting better and better….women open up.

Sexy Selfie from

Gotta love sexy, playful photos like this one.

I selected a handful from the selection I was presented and then looked around the site for a while. I wanted to fill out my (get my tips on making a good profile here) entire profile so I could sit back and collect leads from local women. The first lead I got was a local woman who was just out of a relationship (I am all about being that guy who is the first one after a failed relationship) so I pounced on her.

She was very upfront with me and started sending pics. Whoa, I was blown away. I thought it was a scam, this woman was so hot. But then we went back and forth messaging all the time and she was spot on with her analysis of our city and where to hang out, etc. I felt like I knew her for a while and could really get along with her – especially if she was up for sex with no strings attached.

After finally meeting (I travel a lot) at a local discreet bar we both knew of, we ended up sealing the deal at my place. I live alone and in a very private area so late night nobody would even know that I had someone over. It was a night of hot sex and a lot of champagne. I was instantly hooked on this type of website and was thirsty for more. We agreed to meet up again.

Fuck This Girl on Snapsext

Finding People On The Website

So when you login to SnapSext, you basically just go through all the filters. Location, sexual preference, and age, the basics really. You can also dial in members who are online at the moment which makes spontaneous hookups very possible.

Site Features

Favorite Feature: The text feature, also known as the snapsexting feature. This allows you to contact people who are using mobile devices instantly. You can connect with them by typing into your browser – simple as that!  

Out of a handful of women, perhaps 20, I found that about 50% replied and out of that, most were very active in their replies. They all were down to hook up like I was, so I think this site caters to members who are very into hooking up and not just pretending or scared to do so.

Sending Messages On the Website

Messaging could not be easier! It’s really easy, like incredibly easy. In fact, I even use the video chat feature. I’ll put it this way, if you can use a mobile phone, you will have no issues here!

My Results Since My First Date

As referenced earlier in this review, the first time I met up with someone was an absolute SMASH SUCCESS. (Get it, “Smash?”) Since then, sure, I’ve had some women that I spoke with for a while who got cold

Gym Selfie Pic

Gym Selfies are the best selfies….

feet, but over 70% (rough count) are really down to hook up and have sex. This is the best hunting ground I’ve seen to find women who are just ready to go at it and have no strings attached dates. It really is straight to the point with everything from the site name to how the site guides you along through the process, so I guess all “tire kickers” just leave at some point throughout the process and leaves us with a gold mine of women who are ready to get to know you!

What I Like Most

If you are one that loves to look at selfies or send selfies, just stop reading this and go to the website here.

The crowd is mostly 20 and 30 somethings. So when you fit that demographic, or if you are older but keep yourself looking young, this site is right up your alley. The ease of messaging women is like no other website and I can’t stress that enough.

What I Disliked

Well, I have to be honest. There are some “professional escorts” that I’ve run into and that’s not what I wanted to find. But only a couple and they were upfront with me so I moved on and we didn’t waste each other’s time. That does happen at every online dating site for adults though, not just here, and you’ll see that if you read other snapsext reviews or really, dating reviews for any other website of adult orientation.

Pros of SnapSext

  • Signup is super simple.
  • Massive member database.
  • Easy to find sex.
  • Great customer support.

Cons of SnapSext

  • The members area look isn’t really new but it’s insanely simple to use.
  • You must sign up on the site as registration isn’t available in the app store.

Why SnapSext is the Best Selfie Themed Dating Site

  1. It’s easy to join.
  2. The member base is very robust and like-minded.
  3. With everyone having mobile phones now, it’s the best site that allows the perfect user experience for mobile users.

Overall Review Grade: A

I use this site quite frequently, and will continue to do so. I urge you to do the same too, if that’s your type of thing – hooking up. I also encourage it if you’re looking for the type of people having sex on snapchat because this is way better. 

Now do yourself a favor, and visit them by clicking here – you won’t regret it. Oh, I should also mention that the Snapsext iOS and Android apps are both killer and effective. Try ’em and find out why it’s so effective.

FAQ Section

This section showcases all the frequently asked questions that any consumer should think about asking before joining the site. 

What is is a sex dating network that was created for consumers who like to sent sext messages and meet local people for sex. 

When did Snapsext come out?

According to my WhoIs lookup, the site came out on 10-15-2013, which means the site has been around for nearly a decade now. 

What is SnapSext used for?

It’s used to help single people meet for sex. Nothing more, nothing less. The network is typically used for finding someone to have sex with within 24 hours.

Is SnapSext free?

Yes, it’s free to join, but there are added premium features you should consider using.

Who owns is owned by Global Personals, LLC. A dating company based out of Miami Beach, FL.

Why am I getting emails from SnapSext?

If you registered as a user, then you’re likely getting emails from other members looking to connect with you for hookup sex.

Is SnapSext secure?

Yes, the site is secure with the use of an SSL Certificate issued by Let’s Encrypt X3.

Is SnapSext trustworthy?

The dating site is one of the most trustworthy sites on the Internet when it comes to meeting people for sexting and hooking up.

What does Snapsext message limit exceeded mean?

This means that you’ve sent the maximum number of messages you can and that you need to upgrade to premium in order to send more messages.

What Is The Snapsext customer service number?

Here’s the number if you need to contact customer service. The main number is 1-(800)-893-8871.

Is this a website for Snapchat Sexting?

This site was created specifically for connecting Snapchat users looking to sext and eventually meet for sex.

How To Join SnapSext & Login

I get asked the question all the time, “How can I get a Snapsext login?” and every time, I provide each person with the same answer. I’ve decided to avoid having to explain this over and over to others, that I’d put together a simple instructional post on how to get your own Snapsext login in order to begin setting up a few casual dates.

Specific Steps To Get A SnapSext Login

If you’re just finding out what Snapsext is, then there’s a strong chance you don’t have a clue as to how to use the site or even obtain a login. Maybe you were looking for my Snapsext reviews and just got to this page?  Fear not, I’ve got you covered here for sure. I’ve put together the exact specific steps I’ve taken in order to obtain a login. All you will have to do is follow these exact instructions and you’ll have your own login in a matter of minutes. Here are the steps you need to take…

First things first, go to to start the registration process. Once you’re on the site, you’ll immediately come across a page that looks like the one below. At which point you’re going to have to state which gender you are. Pretty obvious that guys should choose “Man” and girls should choose “Woman” here.

snapsext login step 1
State your gender.

Next, you’re going to have to choose the gender that you are looking to hook up with. Since I’m a man and I like having sex with women, I’ve of course chose the “Seeking a Woman” option. This will tell the site what to associate me with and who to try and connect me with. It’s a crucial part of the signup process, so don’t screw it up!

snapsext login step 2
Select the gender that you are “seeking” to hook up with.

The next step is to put your zip code in the system. This is super important because it allows them to put you in the network under a specific location which better connects you with others in your area. login step 3
Add your zipcode to the Network.

Once you’ve added your zip code, you now have to enter your age. This is the fourth step in obtaining a login and you must do it accurately too. It’s only going to help you get laid faster.

snapsext login step 4
Enter your age.

Now, you can’t confirm your registration until you’ve provided your email address. The important thing to remember here is that you must use an email that you use every single day. The reason this is important is that you’re going to be receiving emails from hook up partners every day.

snapsext login step 5
Enter your email address.

Lastly, input a password you want that you will use to login every day to connect with other members.

snapsext login step 6
Enter your password and click the sign up button.

It’s really as simple as that. Taking the following steps will get you your very own personal login to I suggest you join Snapsext now if you want to get started and get laid!

Reviews From Customers & Other Sites

If you’re not looking at reviews written by other members and websites, then you’re not doing your research properly. Before joining, I ended up doing a super-deep dive to learn what customers and other websites were saying about the Snapsext Network.

Doing a search you will find that literally dozens of sites have positive things to say about this network. I did my own homework and read a bunch of reviews before joining just like you’re doing. You’ll find reviews on the following sites:

Wizz Love
Best Adult Hookup
Best Hookup Websites
Hookup Insider
Hookup Guru
Top 50 Hookup Sites
Dating Scout
and many more!

Nearly all of these sites have published and shared stellar reviews. You can take my word for it, you can register and see for yourself, or you can check out the other reviews published on the sites mentioned above. If I were you, I’d just keep reading and then register. Anyway, my point is that there are plenty of other people that will back my positive experience as they’ve had the same results!

Getting A Discount To Snap Sext Premium

Sure, there are snapchat hookup sites free to use out there, but the premium ones are the best. If you don’t have money, don’t worry. Listen, getting a discounted membership to the premium level of Snapsext is not rocket science. In fact, it’s pretty damn easy. Here’s what you need to do if you want the best deal…

The first thing you want to do is register for free. Do that, because without doing that, you’ll not be able to upgrade.

Next up, you’ll want to take the longest commitment join option. This will give you the best discount available. If you cannot commit to this, then I suggest contacting customer support. They’ll be able to give you specific instructions on how to take advantage of an amazing deal you cannot say no to – period.

Why Snap Sexting is Better Than Normal Texting

Sometimes sending a text message is enough. Yup, I said it. Sometimes it can be the best way to communicate. Most of the time it’s not though! Snap sexting is a whole heck of a lot better than texting in a number of scenarios. Here’s a list of situations when you should stop texting and send a snapsext or a Snapchat message instead.

Snap Sexting

The Times Snap Sexting Is The Best Option

When Your Outfit Is On Point

Dress Like A Boss

We all have good looking days as well as bad. If you’re having one of those ‘looking so fly’ outfit days and you’re on point more than usuals, then that’s one snap sexting moment to take advantage of. You’re better off showing the goods off to your potential hookup partner than telling them. If you’re looking good then show the world.

Having Some Fun Partying

party on

If you’re on a party roll and you’re not looking like an absolute disaster zone, then you’ve got a perfect excuse to chat versus text. Sending the partying chat will give a clearer indication of fun and looking for more fun versus sending some drunk text messages that no one can understand due to the message looking like an encrypted code of some sort. Show it in a snapsext video instead.

When You Have A Cute Dog To Show Off

cute dog snapchat

Have a cute puppy dog? Show that thing off! Girls love cute dogs. At least those with somewhat of a heart. If they’re cold as ice and hate cute animals then they’re suspect. Anyway, cute puppies in snapsext videos get people laid. I don’t know why, but it works!

When Text Expression Won’t Cut It

express yourself

You want to express yourself, but a simple text emoji isn’t going to cut it. If you’re super passionate about something and you need to express the F out of yourself then do it through a snapsext video. That truly sums it up and given that I’m hungover and looking to get my D wet, I’m going to hop on some video chat to convince a local girl to come and bang me. Get yours, my friends!

Oh, I should also let you know that I’m strictly using the Snapsext iOS version and nothing else. That’s all that I need to successfully hook up with people and that’s all you need too. You’re welcome…

How To Successfully Get Snapsext Premium At A Discount Price

Getting access to Snapsext as a premium member at a great price isn’t hard. In fact, it’s really really easy. There are ways to get the best value for sure and most of the time it’s not a lot of work for a whole lot of reward. So, here’s what you need to do if you want a discounted offer.

The first thing you should do is register as a free user. Get inside Snapsext and build out your profile entirely. I’m talking about everything and be thorough as possible. Use it daily for about a week and see what happens. You’ll start to connect with a lot of horny people and it will show the customer support team that you’re trying your best to hook up.

The next step is very important…

You’ll want to reach out to customer support letting them know that you really want to upgrade but you are short on cash. Ask them what their best offer is and they’ll look to see if you’re serious about using the services. When they do find out, they’re likely going to give you a good deal as an upgrade offer.

Now, if you try and do this without using the site, then forget it. You are not going to get any special treatment if you take that approach. Just do as I’ve stated above and you’ll make strides – I PROMISE.

Snapchat vs. Snapsext: Which Is Better?

Now, I’ve used a ton of social sites geared towards networking. I’ve also used a lot of sites with the primary objective of getting my stick wet. More than enough times I’ve had a great time and experience using both. Today I’m throwing down the gauntlet to show you which is better, Snapchat or snapsext. Through hours of testing, running trials, and documented research, I’ve determined the winner.

snapchat versus snapsext
Credit: and

My Snapchat and Snapsext Evaluation

Snapchat is legit the most widely used video selfie website and app on the internet. It’s only a few years old and it’s blossomed into a wild community. I’ve used Snapchat over 100 times and I’ve got a few things to say about this social sharing site.

Now, SnapSext is a couple of years old and is quite popular as well. It’s not as widely used as Snapchat but that’s not what’s important here because both have millions of users. What is important is the level of enjoyment and fulfillment when using both. Here’s a summary of each of my personal experiences using both in a head-to-head challenge to determine which is better.

My Snapchat Evaluation

Well, here’s how works if you’re not familiar with it. First, you need to download the app onto your smartphone. You’ll then need to log in and do all that jazz (pretty standard). Once you’ve verified your account, you’re now ready to play.

Here’s how Snapchat works. It’s really elementary, to say the least. Once you open the app. All you need to do is snap a photo or video, send it via the app as a text message to a recipient and they’ll receive it. The kicker here is that the photo or video expires after only a few short minutes.

Now, I like the fact that it does expire. However, you and I both know that there are other apps that allow you to save anything these days. I’m not sure if that’s good or bad. It really depends on how you look at it.

Let’s talk network size now, it’s absolutely enormous. over a billion snaps are taken using the app every day. That’s a lot of content and I love content. However, it’s not just about content, it’s about the quality and whether or not it’s the type of content you want to view.

Snapchat has a lot of immature users that I’d probably not want to hang out with in person for the most part. When you have immature users, you often have to deal with a ton of bullshit that you don’t want to deal with.

Overall, the app does a good job of facilitating a way to connect with others in a network that want to take 10-second videos or picture selfies. I did connect with pretty girls and hot users while using this site. However, I DID NOT get laid using Snapchat.

My Snapsext Evaluation

First of all, I know you’re asking yourself right now, “Is SnapSext legit?” I will tell you right now it 100% is legit for sure!

Now that I’ve shared my opinion on Snapchat, I’m going to share my evaluation on a similar social site, Snapsext. The onboarding process of joining Snapsext was a piece of cake and quite similar to the previously evaluated site.

However, I didn’t have to download anything to get started. Instead, I visited and filled out the simple form, verified my account via a simple email and that was that.

Once that was done, I built out my profile out and was off to the races. So, what I really enjoy about Snapsext is that it’s more focused on an all-adult social network. This means no having to deal with the bullshit of immature members.

The app was as flawless as Snapchat so that was really not any different. One thing I can say that was very different was the type of content and people that I was connecting with. Using Snapsext, I was able to connect with some really beautiful girls that sent over some smoking hot selfies. It was way better than basic sexting too. The best part, they were nudes.

You guessed it, Snapsext allows nude content while Snapchat frowns upon this type of content sharing. Another pretty cool attribute of this site is that it’s meant to connect people that are interested in casual dating.

The member base and the number of snaps taken daily are not even comparable to Snapchat. It’s important to take quality versus quantity into consideration here. I received far better quality snaps from Snapsext members versus Snapchat. Last but not least, I DID GET LAID using SnapSext and I did so on more than one or two occasions.

Yes, One Is More Effective

After using both websites and apps for a number of months, I’ve finally come to the conclusion that SnapSext is better than Snapchat. The bottom line is that I like to hook up with hot girls and I don’t need billions of photos and users to do that.

I only need to connect with one hot local girl using a social network that wants the D to get some. That’s my final answer! For those that have not tried Snapsext, my advice would be to stop using Snapchat to meet someone and try joining the Sanpsext social network instead!

One thing I forgot to mention, is the cams and Snapchat accounts associated with this site! You’ll want to also check out Snapsextcams which is the official webcam site that offers chats for members. You can get access to this by joining and visiting As for the Snapchat account that is officially associated with the site, check out the account named Funcandylive. Trust me, you’ll be glad that you did!

Incorrect Ways People Spell Snapsext

I am big on grammar and spelling, so when I see someone having a hard time with a simple word, it bothers me to the core. Here are a few very common ways people are misspelling Snapsext and Sweetsext every single day! Find out all the wrong ways to spell this…






sweet sextin



snao sext



snap sexr

snao sext

sanp sext



sext snaps


Process For Those That Wish To Cancel And Delete

There are a lot of things that I can say about this Snapsext Reviews site. I’ve been a member for years and I intend on remaining as one. However, some people wish to delete their Snapsext account. For those that do, I’m not going to leave you in the dark. Instead, I’ll provide you with the specific steps that you need to take to cancel your membership and delete your Snapsext account for good.

snapsext delete account

Steps To Delete Your Snapsext Account

I know you obviously know exactly what Snapsext is for and why it’s so damn popular. It’s the best nude selfie dating site on the Internet, and it gets me laid weekly, if not daily. Deactivating your account is a breeze. Here’s how you do it:

  1. Go to
  2. Log into your account
  3. Find the account settings icon in the upper corner of the site
  4. Click on the advanced settings page
  5. Click on profile settings and check the box “Make My Profile Inactive”
  6. Click the “manage membership” button
  7. Click the “customer service” link
  8. Send an email to and send it from your account email. Tell them you want to close your account permanently and you want your info removed from the site.
  9. Customer service will reply in 1-2 business days

Now, I honestly would not recommend that anyone cancel or delete their account. The reason that I say that is it’s one of the best dating sites on the Internet.

I’ve personally contemplated canceling my account and I did not do so just because so many of the other sites I joined really sucked. This site basically sets the bar in terms of hooking up.

Not to mention it functions somewhat similar to Snapchat so I know most people know how to use this site if they are familiar with the Snapchat app.

Reasons To Keep Using Snap Sext

Here are a few reasons why I’d continue to use this dating site instead of canceling. First and foremost, the site will get you laid. There are plenty of college girls using this site that want to connect for sex, regardless of the day of the week. Second, the video chat function literally does not get any better than this.

It’s some of the most advanced chatting technology that I’ve ever had the pleasure of using. Another reason to keep using this site is that there are so many members across the country. Heck, I’ve found members in NYC, Nebraska, Las Vegas, Oklahoma, West Virginia, South Florida, and just about any other place you can think of.

SweetSext dating site homepage

Breaking News: Snapsext Rebrands As SweetSext

The Snapsext brand is no longer. Don’t begin to panic quite yet! This is actually a good thing and better news for people that are using the Snap Sext platform. The company behind this site decided to rebrand the entire platform to SweetSext. The site officially launched in Q4 2021. The initial idea came in May 2021. It’s official, everything is finally migrated to one platform.

In doing so, they’ve enhanced the experience for consumers by combining three separate brands into one. SnapSext, Snapbang, and Sweetsext are all under the same brand now and what this means is that you’re going to get access to ALL the members under one login.

Your hookup reach and potential just increased by 10x basically. As I said, it’s a SOLID MOVE for horny folks like you and me. Whether you’re looking to use the Sweet Sext site or app, you’ll likely get lucky – TRUST ME.

So what do you think? I’d like to hear your SnapSext reviews in the comments below!

If you’re interested in learning more or if you want the deep details, do yourself a favor and read the complete SweetSext review covering what’s new and everything you get when using the app and desktop version!

Here’s What You Need To Know About The Snapsext aka SweetSext App

Snapsext App - download page

This section lays out all the information that you need to be aware of if you’re planning on using the Snapsext app.

It’s Free

Yes. You read that right. The Snapsext app is completely free to download and register, just like the desktop version of the network. My advice is to check out the app page to learn more about it.

12k Reviews

There are more than 12,000 reviews that have been published on this dating app. As you can see, the lifestyle network is crazy popular and if you take the time to read the reviews, you’ll understand just how popular they really are.

In-App Purchases

This app allows you to upgrade in-app where you can get better features, better placement, and have an overall better dating experience. My advice would be to check out some of the gold and silver purchases that you can make to enhance your overall experience.

Recently Updated keeps its app updated regularly. In fact, they update and test the app almost every single day. This is important since many users rely on good technology to connect them to hookups partners.

App Information

Here’s all the information that you’ll find on the iOS and/or Android store related to the mobile app. There’s pretty much nothing left out here in terms of important info. You’ll find screenshots of the app page below as well.

Category: Lifestyle
Version: 2.6.2
Size: 5.6MB
Rating: Mature
Compatibility: Requires iOS 6.1 or later