Dating Strange Girls And What You Need To Know


Whether you’re using a dating app or not, if you’re putting yourself out there in the dating field, there’s a good chance that you may run into a weird girl or two. Heck, you may even decide to go on a date with one. If you do, there are a few things that you should be aware of before doing so.

strange girls

Things To Know About Strange Girls

Interesting Outfits
It shouldn’t come as a shocker that the strange girl may dress weird. She may show up in combat boots and a dress or perhaps jean overalls. It’s tough to say but you’ll be able to spot the weird girl if she’s weird with her outfit choices.

Strange Ideas
Strange girls will often come up with strange ideas and they are not afraid to share the ideas at the drop of a hat. Perhaps she’ll suggest a picnic at a circus or some insane idea that you just have to go along with. Chances are, it might even be a genius idea. She’s good like that. In the event that it’s not, you play along anyway.

Attention Deficit Disorder
Concentration is difficult for any of us 90% of the time. However, the strange girl has an even tougher time concentrating. Don’t be surprised if she spaces out on a date or completely blacks out for a short period of time. It happens all the time.

Public Scenes
If you’re dating a strange girl, there’s a chance that you’ll be involved in some sort of public scene one once or twice. Yes, heads will turn and hopefully it’s a positive scene. If it’s not, you better watch out because it won’t be forgotten by the surrounding people.

Caffeine Makes Her Crazy
If you think a girl is strange before you even start dating, I’d suggest you not mix caffeine and booze. Caffeine can make the strange girl crazy, so the Redbull and vodka drinks must come to an end.

Seduction Always Interesting
When it comes to putting on seduction game on, she’s not always on point and it can get messy. Don’t worry though, the strange girls will do their best to try and seduce you in order to bang. You have to give her credit regardless. Heck, maybe you should do so by banging her.

She’ll Say Anything
The strange girl will say almost anything at any given point. If you’re on a date with a strange girl, she’s going to say something to either make you laugh or think WTF!

Zero Fucks
Last but not least, the strange girl gives zero fucks about anything. She’s all about living life for her and not for conforming to society. This is a quality I really admire and you should as well.

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