Online Dating Facts You Probably Haven’t Discovered Yet


If you are just getting started using sex apps or sites in the new year, then there are some online dating facts that you’ve probably yet to have discovered. These facts are pretty important and for the most part, they’re likely to get you laid or even passed on if you don’t know them. Knowing is half the battle.

online dating facts

Dating Facts You Need To Know

Everyone Uses Dating Apps

If you think that married women, the girl next door or even your college professor don’t use dating apps or aren’t members of sites, then you are 100% wrong. Fact is, everyone uses dating sites today and it’s no surprise that this is a great thing! The more the merrier!

You Must Commit To Succeed

commitIf you want to get laid, then you need to work at it. Yes, it’s a known fact that in order to succeed you must commit to something. The same goes for online dating. Those that don’t put in the effort are often overlooked and don’t get lucky.

Quantity and Quality Matter

both quality and quantityIf you think meeting one person is enough then you’re wrong. Also, if you think you’re going to meet your favorite bang on the first date then you’re probably wrong here too. You need to work on meeting as many quality people as possible.

Upfront People Get More

be upfrontYup, it’s 100% absolutely true! Individuals that are more upfront about what they want, pretty much get what they want. I never lie when it comes to dating online and I pretty much always get what I want, when I want and how I want!

Profiles Make or Break It

dating profiles matterThose that put more effort into their dating profiles get laid more and it makes their online dating experience that much more enjoyable.

Research Matters

researchIt’s a fact that those who research others on dating networks make more connections and get lucky more than those which have not. Stop wasting time sitting on the couch and start researching.

You Need To Meet In Person

lets meetIt’s a known fact that you need to meet someone in person in order to hook up with them. I personally choose to connect with them on Snapsext first then meet them in person.

You Don’t Need To Lie

stop lyingStop thinking that you need to lie about your dating habits or experiences. The age of online dating is here and there is no need to lie about any of it!