Three Main Signs She Wants To Bang You


Women are very tough to understand but when a woman wants to sleep with you, she will give you a few pretty obvious signs. The important takeaway here is the you are able to recognize the sign and take advantage of them. The only problem is, these signs can also be misleading at times. Some girls play around here and they don’t  actually want to bang. In order to determine if a girl really wants to bang you, you’re going to have to pay close attention to a few key things. Hopefully, the pointers below will help you distinguish between innocent and sure signs that she wants the D!

she wants to bang

Signs A Girls Wants To Bang You

Here are the three main things to watch out for when it comes to determining whether or not a woman wants to bang you…

Body Language

Body language is the most powerful and sure way to find out if a woman really wants to sleep with you. The first thing any woman will tell you through her body language is her level of comfort. If she feels comfortable with you touching her in places you generally shouldn’t be touching, then she might be into you.

For example, women typically don’t like you to touch their shoulders, hair, waist, back and neck unless they are somewhat attracted to you. If a girl lets you do this, there’s a good chance you’ll be able to take things a bit further. Now, if she seems nervous even in the slightest bit, then I’d suggest you back off a bit. You don’t want to come off as a fucking creeper here.

Also, if you see a girl licking her lips (in a sexual manner) while she is talking to you, she is giving you a sign that she may be attracted to you. In fact, it may be her way of seducing you and she may want to fuck you.

Just try casually touching her in different places to see her reaction. She will immediately get uncomfortable if she doesn’t like it. If she does get uncomfortable, then do not continue to do so. It’s an obvious sign that she’s not interested.


Try throwing a very stupid joke at her and see her reaction. If she bursts out laughing knowing that the joke was stupid in the first place, she is basically trying to tell you she digs you a lot.

Remember that women think that if they smile a lot at men, it attracts them a lot. So it is perhaps her way of trying to attract you so you can start taking things to the next level.

I’ve dated women that laugh at some stupid things that I’ve said. Frankly, I don’t care what they laugh at, so long as it gets me laid. Given that it’s my main objective, I focus on that only for the most part.


Women do flirt a lot and some of them do it just for fuck sakes. But if a girl you’re with is always talking about sex or telling you about other sexual experiences, she is opening up enough for you to assume that she wants to have sex with you.

That’s especially true if you’ve connected with her using an online sex site. Learn to see what kind of flirting she is doing. If she flirts with you and then laughs and it doesn’t go any further, she’s probably doing it to fuck with you.

But if she constantly flirts non-stop and talks about sex, then it’s a go! My guess would be that she wants to get it on. At that point, I’d trying offering her something, perhaps a night in a hotel room for some good old fashion fucking.


  1. This girl i know got me a job doing dishes at a restaurant and her friend was with her. They both came in the back door and the chic who put a good word in for me came in and did a ball check while she passing by me.(Tapping me in the private area as they both walked by me saying, “ball check”! And the other co-worker said “how big is it”!!

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