Creating the Perfect Online Dating Profile

When I first started dating online at adult themed dating sites, I really didn’t know what to do with my profile.  I mean, what is considered “hot” in adult dating and what is considered “corny?”

There many not be any real answers, but after consulting several resources, including Marie Claire – The UK edition, to boot, I came up with some good advice for others who may be into dating online in the more risque adult segment of online dating.

Let’s face it, we only want a profile that will get us a date.  Once we are out and about with the gal or guy we are looking to hook up with, we rely on interpersonal skills, or as what most men call it – GAME.

Online Dating Profile Creation Tips

First, let’s not sound desperate.  Nobody wants the person who was rejected their entire life and loves telling others about it.  Misery needs company, so get the heck away from anyone who sounds less than confident – but as I’ll allude to, not over confident.

The web has made it easy to convey our entire life story, whether good, bad, or ugly – online.  Through social media and other websites, it’s hard to “hide” from someone.  So for that reason, be very careful of what you write about yourself online.  Whether true or false, there is always some mystery out there no matter what when you meet new people.

Here is a nice list of the ten best tips in making an online dating profile.  Please refer to these and know that the crew at Marie Claire UK edition did a great job on this!

creating a great dating profile