Shy Girls: What You Must Know To Determine If They Want You


Guess what, shy girls like hooking up with guys too. When a girl is attracted to you, she will usually give you clear signs. Sometimes these signs are voluntary, sometimes they are involuntary. Pretty girls are often outspoken and confident and they are used to getting attention from guys, so they don’t hesitate to show you that they are attracted. Shy girls are a different story. They still give you some of the same signs, but they are too shy to be obvious about it. Many shy girls are beautiful and sexy, but they don’t realize it. These types of girls can turn out to be hotter than any of their more confident friends. They just need someone who will recognize them and the signs that they are giving.

Shy Girls

Here are the most common signs that a shy girl likes you. This should help you look past her shyness and see that she is ready and willing to rock your world.

Making Eye Contact – This is a sign that will let you know that any girl is into you. If she is not interested in you, she will not bother to look your way. Pay close attention to shy girls though because, if she is clearly making an effort to avoid eye contact, she probably likes you.

She Pays Attention To You – Shy girls aren’t comfortable with striking up a conversation, so they show that they’re interested if they pay close attention to everything you say. She will often acknowledge you every time you talk, especially if no one else seems to be paying attention because their attention is focused on you whenever you are around.

She Responds To Your Humor – If you’ll notice; a shy girl will laugh at your humor and they will not laugh at anyone else’s. This is another sign that their attention is focused on you. Even if she doesn’t laugh, she will smile and probably make eye contact to show you she’s paying attention.

Subtle Touching – One thing that you should realize about any girl, especially shy girls, is that they will avoid contact if they’re not attracted to you. If she looks for any excuse to touch you, no matter how subtle, she is probably quietly turned on by you and feels the need to touch you.

Being More Shy w/ You Than With Anyone Else – If you see her engaging everyone else around you and making a concentrated effort to avoid engaging you, she probably likes you. If she didn’t like you, she wouldn’t be making an effort either way.

She Acts Weird or Nervous Around You – If a shy girl is attracted to you; you will be able to notice a clear difference in the way she responds to you than she does to anyone else. The more extreme her shyness, the more she will appear nervous and uncomfortable. If she was not attracted to you, there would be little to no difference in the way she reacts to you than she does to anyone else around you.

Keep your eyes and ears open for these things mentioned and you’ll likely have better luck hooking up. There are many girls using mobile dating sites that are shy but still want to get some D. Try and connect with them and see what happens.

How To Get Someone To Like You


Getting someone to really like you is all about being honest and being yourself, especially when it comes to dating online. A lot of guys try to act out of their league when they are in front of women without realizing that women are clever and they can instantly tell when a man is trying too hard to impress. Girls online are borderline experts when it comes to reading people and whether or not they are the real deal.

If you want someone to like you as a fuck buddy or more, there are certain rules you must follow. I’ve laid those rules out below:

get someone to like you

Rules To Follow To Get Someone To Like You

I’ll keep this as short and sweet as possible. That way you can focus on meeting someone to get them to like you instead of reading my post. After all, it’s all about messaging and fucking, not reading tips.

Be Yourself

I can’t stress enough on this. Never fake a personality in front of a woman especially if you want her to like you romantically. Heck, if you want her to want to bang you. You want her to enjoy the real you and not some person you are trying to be. Nobody likes fake people. In fact, it’s gotta be themost annoying thing ever.

Dress The Part

Try to dress to impress. That means dressing clean and smart, just don’t overdo your wardrobe when in front of her. You also need to remain calm and try not act like a weirdo and strike cheap jokes or puns in front of her. Spark conversation on good topics. Think in advance on what you can discuss with her. Just keep her interested. It’s not all that difficult really. Do that and you will soon find her somewhat interested in you.

Increase Your Knowledge Base

So you like a girl and you want her to like you? It’s time to do a little research and familiarize yourself with her. Find out what out her interests might be. If you are able to get into an intellectual discussion with the girl while crushing drinks, she’ll probably want to take you home and bang then and there! Heck, she may even get attached to you quicker than you can imagine.

In order to really impress her, you will need to sit down and polish your discussion skills and really learn her interests in depth. Just don’t go and start learning about makeup and other girl stuff if that’s what she’s interested in. Find a generic topic both of you can discuss that includes something sexy if possible.

Don’t Sound Overly Or Under Confident

Want to scare a girl away? Great, then do just as I mentioned above. Just kidding, don’t do that. You need to instead try your best to remain neutrally confident and play it cool.  But at the same time, refrain from looking confident when you are talking about something you are not familiar with. If she thinks you don’t know what the fuck you’re talking about then you’re just going to look like an idiot. She’s think you’re stupid and an overconfident individual.

Remeber the key to getting a girl to like you is just be yourself, be polite and keep her interested. If you can’t keep a girl interested or intrigued then you’re not going to have any shot at hooking up with her.

Speed Dating and Video Chat Lead To Love


Do you think there’s a reason that all the best casual dating networks use video technology? Of course there is a reason they incorporate it into their services. Aside from people loving to chat with someone sexy from the comfort of their own home, there is some science behind this.

video chat

Girl doing video chat and taking selfies with her iPhone.

Speed Dating or Video Chat Work Great

According to a couple of psychology researchers at the University of Texas, it’s quite possible that speed dating and video might be more effective that the use of photos if someone is on the hunt for love. Does that mean that the same applies for those looking to hook up only? I have no idea but wouldn’t be surprised really!

The study basically concluded that the use of video or face-to-face interactions had a more positive impact and therefore, a greater chance of folks hitting it off if they took that approach versus browsing through a basic dating profile and using the picture as the main determinant.

I’m not going to get too scientific here since I’m just an ordinary average guy, but I’ll be honest and say that I completely agree with the study. It makes perfect sense when you think about it.

At the end of the day, our objective is to connect with one another and physically meet. We often start by using a profile photo to determine the level of attractiveness that we might feel and we message them if it’s high enough. We do so in hopes that we can video chat or meet up with one another in the very near future. It makes perfect sense really!

This is one of the reasons why I always try and have a nice sexting conversation with my potential date or even video chat if I can before meeting them. A lot of connections can be made in taking this approach.

If you haven’t connected with someone today yet, get your ass online, meet someone for a chat and start that video chat fun. It may even get you laid!

Online Dating Facts You Probably Haven’t Discovered Yet


If you are just getting started using sex apps or sites in the new year, then there are some online dating facts that you’ve probably yet to have discovered. These facts are pretty important and for the most part, they’re likely to get you laid or even passed on if you don’t know them. Knowing is half the battle.

online dating facts

Dating Facts You Need To Know

Everyone Uses Dating Apps

If you think that married women, the girl next door or even your college professor don’t use dating apps or aren’t members of sites, then you are 100% wrong. Fact is, everyone uses dating sites today and it’s no surprise that this is a great thing! The more the merrier!

You Must Commit To Succeed

commitIf you want to get laid, then you need to work at it. Yes, it’s a known fact that in order to succeed you must commit to something. The same goes for online dating. Those that don’t put in the effort are often overlooked and don’t get lucky.

Quantity and Quality Matter

both quality and quantityIf you think meeting one person is enough then you’re wrong. Also, if you think you’re going to meet your favorite bang on the first date then you’re probably wrong here too. You need to work on meeting as many quality people as possible.

Upfront People Get More

be upfrontYup, it’s 100% absolutely true! Individuals that are more upfront about what they want, pretty much get what they want. I never lie when it comes to dating online and I pretty much always get what I want, when I want and how I want!

Profiles Make or Break It

dating profiles matterThose that put more effort into their dating profiles get laid more and it makes their online dating experience that much more enjoyable.

Research Matters

researchIt’s a fact that those who research others on dating networks make more connections and get lucky more than those which have not. Stop wasting time sitting on the couch and start researching.

You Need To Meet In Person

lets meetIt’s a known fact that you need to meet someone in person in order to hook up with them. I personally choose to connect with them on Snapsext first then meet them in person.

You Don’t Need To Lie

stop lyingStop thinking that you need to lie about your dating habits or experiences. The age of online dating is here and there is no need to lie about any of it!

Adopting A Pet Wingman (Dog) Might Get You Laid More


I’m an animal lover and I truly believe that dogs enrich the lives of their owners. It’s no secret that there are many advantages to owning a dog. In fact, adopting a puppy may help you get laid more. I know, it sounds absolutely crazy, but if you’re a single guy and you want to get laid more, it may be time to get yourself a pet wingman i.e. a cute puppy.

pet wingman

A Pet Wingman Puppy Can Get You Laid…A Lot!

No, I’m not pulling this statement out of my ass. I’m actually writing based on both personal experiences and written facts here so please keep reading. According to an article published, a research team recently surveyed more than 1,200 people and of those individuals that were women, the majority of them said that they were more attracted to someone because they were pet owners. Now, based on my personal experiences of walking an English bulldog puppy on the weekends in a local area, I was able to bang more than a dozen girls just by them stopping to talk about the bulldog. That’s a lot of booty for just having a pet wingman right?

Now, I need to be very clear here  with this. The same does not apply towards having a cat as a pet. In fact, during this specific study, women basically said that a man having a pet cat was more of a turn-off. That said, don’t go out and buy a kitten if you don’t have one. Instead, go find the cutest damn puppy you can find and buy it! Then immediately take it to the local Starbucks or wherever the most local foot traffic is in your area. Sit back and watch the puppy do all the work for you.

What you’ve essentially done is gone out and invested in the best wingman possible. A pet wingman is one that is more than likely never to cockblock and even better if you can’t get laid, you’ve got a puppy that you can at least, hang out with. I should also mention the added bonus of having a puppy and what it means for your dating profile. If you’ve not taken any selfies with your puppy, then you better stop everything and do it right now! According to the study, more than 25 percent of the women found it to be a turn on if a dog was in their online dating profile photo.

Lastly, as a responsible adult, I should mention that I’m not suggesting you get a dog just for this reason alone. Make sure that you can provide a good home and love for a puppy. Yes, you must provide more love than you’ll be cashing in on by getting laid from local girls. A dog isn’t for everyone, so make sure it’s for you.

Dating Is Dead? Hooking Up Is Not!


Well, I’ve basically dedicated the majority of my free time over the years to online dating and hooking up with hot local women. I’ve done my share of work when it comes to increasing your chances of success at dating online. I’ve also got some facts about it all that you need to know. There’s a good chance that if you’ve not taken my advice and joined a hookup app or site, then you’ll be doing so after you read this!

hooking up

Credit: New York magazine/YouTube.

Is Dating Really Dead?!?!?

Don’t freak out just yet, please. For starters, there’s something I’ll share with you according to Upworthy, people are blaming “hook-up culture” on a lot of things, one being the demise of romance and finding real love. I’m here to say that this is absolute bullshit and is in no way shape or form true. Yes, there are a ton of options out there for what’s being called hook-up gratification, and I’m a user of one or two because they work like a charm! But to say that dating is dead is absurd!

In fact, dating is stronger than ever today. We’re just all having more fun for a longer period of time before settling down with someone. The bottom line is that people are getting married at an older age today. But that doesn’t mean that they are not dating and connecting with others. They’re simply being more cautious and not tying the knot at as fast of a pace as they have in previous years.

What’s The Problem With This?

You wanna to know what the problem really is with this? Absolutely nothing! We’re all hooking up with more sexual partners and we are getting laid more than ever today! The use of hookup apps is at it’s highest rate yet and the phenomenon of meeting and bangin’ is here to stay. If it works for me it can work for anyone. So, stop freaking out, dating isn’t dead, nor is hooking up. It’s all fine and dandy. Just go out there are get laid for gosh sakes. No one wants to be alone during the holiday season. So at a minimum, I suggest you find yourself a holiday fling and finish the year off with a smile!

Online Dating Can Boost Your Self Esteem


I typically don’t write posts on really serious topics, and this one isn’t all that serious, but it’s important to have self-esteem in general for healthy living. I’m here to share that online dating might be the best way to boost your self-esteem if you’re looking to hook up and you currently have low self-esteem.

self esteem online dating

According to a writer at The Guardian, using an online dating site is a great opportunity when it comes to dating someone. Here’s why, online dating or using a casual dating website gives you a chance to “test the waters” a bit and really expand your search in terms of finding someone that you can really connect with.

I know from my personal experience, I’ve enjoyed using advanced search options to try and zero in on someone that might have similarities or may be interested in something that I too am interested in other than just banging. Don’t get me wrong, my typical objective to simple and yours should be too. It’s to, meet someone on Snapsext, message them, meet them and get laid. Rinse and repeat and it works but for those that have yet to dive into online dating, I’m here to tell you not to let your low self-esteem deter you from doing so. It just might change it for the better!

Now, in order to boost that self-esteem and have a really successful Internet dating experience, you need to equip yourself with things such as an effective dating profile that attracts others and you’ll also need to know what to do when you finally meet up your date. If you play your cards right, there’s a solid chance that you’ll be getting laid which will result in a huge boost in self-esteem! Trust me, it just works!

MMA Girl Ronda Rousey Gives Sex and Dating Advice


I normally don’t write about celebs and their dating stories, but I couldn’t resist sharing a little bit of information that I recently came across that includes the sexy UFC fighter, Ronda Rousey. She is one tough girl and she’s recently revealed some sex secrets that you will won’t want to miss out on!

ronda rousey sex secrets

Photo Credit: / Ronda Rousey

Ronda Rousey’s Great Dating Secrets

In a recent article that was published by Maxim, Ronda Rousey, the sexy MMA fighting star shared some really important things. No, she didn’t discuss her choke holds or anything like that. But she did share some very interesting facts about her sex life and what makes it great! Here are a few dating and better sex tips that she shared…

Don’t Wear Skinny Jeans
Apparently Ronda is not a fan of skinny jeans. she thinks they are too skinny. I mean, I can’t say I disagree with her here. Unless you’re Lil Wayne driving a Bugatti you should probably stay away from the hipster skinny jeans look. Just my personal opinion.

It Doesn’t Have To Be a Fancy Date
Ronda said that her perfect date would involve a pickup truck, cider beer, mountains and an air mattress. That, my friend, is a girl that you will want to date! I’m beginning to think that this may merit adding to the list of best places for a date now! It also proves that you don’t need to spend a ton of money on a girl to get her to have sex with you. Just sayin!

Must Cook Pancakes
According to Ronda, if a guy needs to know how to cook one thing, it’s good old fashioned pancakes. Apparently she likes to bond in the kitchen with the guy she’s dating. I would personally make pancakes any day of the week for this girl! Making pancakes on a Sunday morning with a girl may even extend your weekend hookup chances if you play your cards right!

Be Aware of Teeth
The one thing that Ronda says is a huge no-no in the bedroom is teeth to teeth action. I can’t say I disagree. The thought of my teeth hitting someone else’s makes me cringe. Thankfully I’ve never had that problem with any of the girls I’ve met using the Snapsext dating site. If I did, I would have to redirect her mouth elsewhere and hope she doesn’t bite something else.

Always Take Your Time
Well, apparently the smoking hot MMA babe doesn’t believe in any lube usage in the bedroom at all. Ronda feels that if you need lube, then you’re not doing your job and you’re being downright lazy. I can’t agree with her here, but I do have to respect her voice!

There you have it! Ronda Rousey got personal in this interview and I don’t think you should waste the knowledge I’ve shared.