Preparing for Weekend Hookups

I’m not one to think well in advance of my dates, but when I do have time to prepare for them, here are the steps I take to ensure I am best prepared to lay the smack down and convert any woman I meet on Snap Sext to a good lay in the bedroom.  It’s really not like a routine, but just some general tips that have always worked for me.

The weekend is always the time I find women most willing to get down, because they don’t have to wake up for work usually and don’t have much of anything planned for the most part in case a sexual romp takes place and they are worried about being over tired the next day in public.

1)  Get the Banter Going Early

When I really want to hook up with a sexy lady, I start being very flirtatious on Wednesday or so. I don’t wait.  I send 5-10 messages and know that out of reaching out to that man y women, I should hear back from a third of them at the bare minimum.  When you put the feelers out early, you are much less prone to having a woman have plans already.  Especially when you get really chatty and talk about what you’d like to do, it really warms them up.  So strike early!

2)  Eat Clean

When you eat like crap all week, you feel like crap and lose some good body function for the weekend.  I mean seriously, how many times do you feel uncomfortable on a Sunday morning because you housed that plate of hot wings at 11 PM?  It happens all too often, and having the runs during a date is NOT my idea of having fun.

3)  Manscape

This is essential, especially for the woman who is a total health nut.  I always look great when I meet women.  Always clean shaven, but more importantly, I take care of ear, nose, and pubic hair to be totally clean and ready to go.

4)  Buy the Goods

I always have stuff ready in case ANY type of woman is DTF.  Wine, cheese, champagne, the whole nine yards.  You never know when a woman is a vodka drinker, or better yet, tequila, so have that ready as well.  When you plan ahead, you get ahead.  Just trust me.  Remember that time that woman wanted to take tequila shots and you didn’t have any?  Yeah, epic fail.

5)  Make Sure Your Place is Clean

Nobody likes a pig, so make sure your place looks great.  It’s important to have clean bathrooms first and foremost.  That’s the number one thing that must be clean all the time.  The bathroom is where you get intimate with yourself in private and notice things, so keep that as clean as you can.  Have towels, toiletries, soap, and even put on candles.   What better place for a date then home?  But your home has to be nice and tidy.

It’s that simple.  It’s just forward thinking.  So go ahead, and make it happen!