Best Places for a Date

Meeting women online isn’t that difficult.  I’m living proof of that.

But what do you do after you meet them online?  That’s the million dollar question that will decide if you ultimately will get laid or not.

Here is my Guide on Where I take My Dates I meet at Places like SnapSext

It is very rare that you will meet a woman who likes some healthy competition and enjoys playing sports. For such a special person that you might encounter, it is best to keep the first date about something she will really enjoy, instead of a typical dinner and movie kind of night.

To start off, you can get your adventurous juices flowing by taking up a sport or a fun outdoor activity that is easily available to the both of you. If you guys live anywhere near the slopes, the best suggestion

Beach for a first date
The beach is always a great place for a first date. Plus you can find out how your date looks in a bikini.

would be to take her out for skiing or snowboarding, whichever suits you guys, and get to enjoy the natural view while getting some real activity done. If she doesn’t know how to ski, then it could become an enjoyable teaching lesson and the exact same thing goes if you don’t know how to ski!

Women these days are all about taking control any way and nothing is more endearing than a man who lets her. The best kind of package would be to book a ski lodge for the day and ski in the afternoon.

Afterward, continue to romance her in a casual way by eating some burgers at the lodge after the invigorating and tiring day. Having been involved in the same kind of activity will really help her open up more and both of you can enjoy a conversation at the lodge. To make it perfect by the end of the day, sit by a cozy fire and share a warm drink.

For those of you not living near slopes and such, the city can be made useful as well. What says ice-breaker more loudly than a healthy competition at the gaming arcade? There is no need to be involved in pointless activities that you would both be rather not do while you can actually enjoy something.

You can take her to the local fair and play a few games, at the end of which you can be the classic guy who won a stuffed toy for his date in the fair. This can become more fun if both of you have a competition of events and whoever has the most wins ends up buying dinner!

For a woman who enjoys playing video games or the variety at the fair or carnival, this will really ensure that she has a fun, enjoyable date.

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