What Does DTF Mean?


Have you seen The Jersey Shore featuring Mike “The Situation,” Pauly D, J Wow, Snooki and the rest of the gang? If so, then you know what GTL stands for, it’s an acronym for Gym, Tan, Laundry. Well, today I’m here to educate you on another acronym, DTF. My guess is that you’re scratching your head thinking to yourself, “WTF does this mean?”

I can’t blame you if you’re doing that. Trust me, you’re most definitely NOT alone. I’m here to shed some light where it needs to be shed! Keep reading to learn everything you need to know about this..

Definition of DTF

WTF is the meaning of DTF?

DTF is one of the most misunderstood terms on the planet. Yes, most people know what the letters stand for, but that doesn’t mean they know anything more than that. In fact, simply going by Down to Fuck is probably the worst thing that you can do.

Just because a woman is DTF one day doesn’t mean that the same is going to apply to the next day, or with another guy. Since women are much more complicated than men, the term almost always applies directly to them. Saying that a guy is DTF is like saying that water is wet. Of course, it is!

A Must-Know…

The main thing to keep in mind is that being DTF doesn’t automatically make a girl a slut. Just because you know that she’s been sleeping with one person doesn’t mean that she’s going to be interested in sleeping with you. It could have to do with a lot of external factors.

The variables are vast, seriously.

Maybe she just likes the guy that she’s sleeping with. Maybe it’s just the days that he happens to call her. This is actually pretty common. Women go through a lot of different cycles throughout the day and week, and catching them at the right time is crucial.

Meeting Someone

If you meet someone who is actually down to fuck you, no doubt about it, she’s going to be sending signals your way. She’s going to be flipping her hair and she’s going to act like everything you say is the funniest thing on the planet.

These are the beginning stages where she’s telling you that she’s interested. If you manage not to blow it, she’s going to start touching you. Once this happens, it’s on. It’s time to head to her place or invite you to hers. If she rejects you at this point, then she’s probably just been screwing around with you the entire time.

One and Done (Sometimes)

Once again, this hookup doesn’t have to repeat itself. She may have just been in the mood or she may have had other reasons to want to hook up with you.

You can never really tell, but you’ll know if she ever responds to any of your messages. You should never inundate her with texts or calls. Give it a few days and send her a message. Don’t send fifty.

Even if she doesn’t respond right away, she may end up getting in touch when she’s in the mood again. This is when she’s DTF with you.

Conclusion: DTF Definition Revealed

There are women all over the world who are DTF right now. The best thing that you can do for yourself is to find a hookup network where you can talk to a lot of women at the same time. Oh, what do you know, I’ve got just the perfect network – HERE.

You never know if it’s going to work out for you, but it’s always worth giving it a shot. Just make sure to always play it cool. You may desperately need to get laid, but she doesn’t have to be that desperate. When she feels like it, she’s going to let you know.

Bonus tip for you…

Let the girls know you’re DTF from the very start by mentioning it in your dating profile tagline. BOOM!

How I Scored A Monday Night Football Sex Date


This weekend was the first weekend for NFL football and it was one of the craziest starting weekends that I’ve ever had. During the craziness, I was able to secure a sex date for Monday Night Football. I swear to you and I’m going to tell you exactly how I did it so you can do the same as the season progresses. Some people like to watch MNF tonight alone at home or at a bar. I, on the other hand, prefer to watch it with someone that wants to have sex.

monday night football logo

Tips For Scoring A Monday Night Football Sex Hookup

I’m going to keep this as clear and concise as possible. It’s not all that common for people to want to watch football with a girl, but if you ask me, sex and football is the ultimate touchdown! Here’s exactly what I did to try and set this date up for MNF tonight.

The first thing I did was log onto Snapsext. I immediately started doing searches for girls that were in a close radius. I went as deep as 8-10 miles but that’s about it. Sure, I could have done the entire city zip code but I decided to keep it close instead.

Next, I searched for girls that liked football and sports. I did this using the advanced search function on the website. This allowed me to narrow down a group of girls that I knew would be somewhat interested in watching the game with me.

Since the Washington Redskins, Pittsburg Steelers, San Fran 49ers, and LA Rams are playing, I looked for people that were specific fans of those two teams. Even though I am not, I knew that my chances of getting them to go on a date with me to watch the game would be that much greater.

I did not have any luck with finding someone that was a fan of the Redskins or Rams. However, I did find quite a few girls that mentioned that they were huge NFL fans. I knew these were the girls to approach. I quickly began messaging them using the subject line “Monday Night Football” just to cut to the chase with them.

Sure enough, some of the girls replied back that were die hard MNF fans. After chatting with a couple of hot local girls I convinced one to come over my house for a local football watching date. I have a ton of beers, wine, spirits and lots of condoms. My plan is to have this girl over tonight, drink a bunch (even though it can be a mistake) with her and fuck her during the game. Let’s hope that I get one or two touchdowns tonight!

This same technique can be used for the next few months and I can almost guarantee that you will get laid taking this approach at one point or another. Keep it local, keep it about the game and as a result, you will score!

Sex On A Plane: What You Must Know


I typically don’t talk about just sex on my blog. However, I’ve recently hit mile high status and I feel as thought that gives me the right to share some sex on a plane advice with you folks. There are a few important things that you must learn before trying to have sex in the air. The list isn’t scary but it’s all stuff you’ll want to familiarize yourself with before hitting the tarmac.

Sex On A Plane Dan Bilzerian

Dan Bilzerian On A Private Airplane

Things To Understand About Have Sex On A Plane

This list is one that I just came up with myself based on personal experiences. I’m sure there are plenty of things that I’m leaving out here. However, these are what I think are extremely important when it comes to having sex while flying. One thing I always suggest doing is checking your dating app before you take off. Try to determine if anyone on the plane is a member of the dating site that you’re using. You may be able to fuck someone new if you aren’t traveling with a girl. Sex in the air is always possible, regardless of who’s flying with you!

There Are Some Risks
One important thing to remember is that there are consequences if you get caught having “airplane sex.” Some of the consequences may not be that fun either. If a pissed off or a prude flight attendant catches you balls deep then you may get in trouble with the captain and even arrested. It can and has happened before. Just understand that it’s not all fun and games if you do get caught.

Timing Matters
If you are flying commercial, then you’ll want to pick the perfect time for having sex on a plane. You’ll want to locate the closest bathroom and the one with the least amount of activity. The lady should always be the one that enters the bathroom first. You want to pay close attention to avoid any bathroom that has a long line. Establish a secret knock or something so that the girl knows that it’s you and not some other guy that’s about to go to pound town with your dirty GF.

Dress For Sex
Do you want to know what makes sex on a plane easier? Dressing as if you’re planning on having airplane sex is a pretty good idea. I’m just saying, plan on wearing something that makes the event most enjoyable and easiest to accomplish. That means no panties for you ladies.

Study The Positions
You need to have a sex position plan before going into the bathroom. Not all positions are possible. Actually, there are really only two positions that work in the bathroom of an airplane. The first is the reverse cowgirl and the other is the girl kinda straddling you. Whatever you do, don’t lean too much. The doors and walls aren’t as sturdy as you think.

Exit Plan
Getting off in the air is just half of it. Now you need to have an exit strategy to get away with it. The best approach is to bring the air sick bag and pretend like you are helping your female friend out. There’s nothing wrong with checking on a girlfriend that’s sick.

These are the basic tactics that you need to be familiar with if you plan on having sex on a plane. It’s doable and even though it’s not all that comfortable it’s a bucket list item and one dating goal many should hope to accomplish!

Simple Guide On How To Get A Girl In Bed To Fuck


If you’re like more local dudes, you want to know how to get a girl in bed the fastest and most effective way. Am I right? Of course, I am. Some guys have the looks and/or the gift of being able to get a girl to have sex with him almost every time, but some are not that lucky. If you are one of those guys, then you will benefit from a guide that you could follow. Look no further. I have put together a step by step guide that, if followed with an open mind and willingness to improvise, could increase your chances of getting laid. Keep in mind that it is impossible to have a hard set of rules that will work every time, but this guide will certainly put you on the right path. Enjoy!

How To Get A Girl In Bed

Step By Step Guide On How To Get A Girl In Bed

Here are the best steps to take if you want to get a girl in your bedroom and your jimmy deep inside her naughty booty.

Show Her Your Best

This one might be obvious but it has to be addressed. Put your best foot forward. Dress for success and wear your nicest clothes when you go out. Be the best part of who you are. Don’t fake it, til you make it. Just be the best you and you’ll go much further, faster.

Show Her That You Like Her

Another obvious step, but it has to be done. Show her that you are attracted to her without getting too overzealous. Don’t jump the gun and ask her out until you have gotten to know her and shown her you are interested. You can actually handle this step online via the casual dating site you are using. Send the girl a poke or favorite her or do whatever the site offers to show your interest.

Avoid The Friend Trap

Conversation and getting to know each other is important, but you must show that you are attracted to her and not just enjoy talking to her. This is why it is important to flirt and tease her as your conversation progresses. If she flirts back, then it’s quite possible that she’s giving you a sign that she wants to bang you.

Get In Plenty Of Alone Time

Both of you need to get to know each other and flirt. You don’t want to be around many of your friends (mutual or not) or other people that one of you don’t know. Hanging out with friends will come later after the connection has been established. Perhaps it won’t come at all if this is just a fuck date (that’s fine too).

Take Her Out

This doesn’t necessarily mean to take her on a date. Take her for a cup of coffee or take her out to lunch. Somewhere where there is no pressure of a first date. Just hanging out and getting to know each other. I’ve actually started incorporating a new tactic since the whole Pokemon Go craze started. It helps me connect with girls in more public places and sets me up for success in this step.

Start Flirting And Touching

If she is still showing interest, it’s time to take it to the next level with some light teasing, flirting and touching. Start small and pay attention to her reactions. If she responds well, continue. If she ever seems uncomfortable, back off and continue talking.

Pick A Hookup Place

If she is responding after the flirting, it’s time to advance the relationship. Don’t be presumptuous. Just take to your place or go to hers. Remain relaxed and not too pushy. She will let you know when the time is right to escalate.

Amp The Flirting

If she is at your place or you are at hers, she is interested. Amp up the flirting then, back off. Don’t come on too strong. You are on the right track now, so don’t do anything to derail here. If she’s a college girl and she’s really horny, then you’ll want to bust out some booze to spice things up even further (if you haven’t already).

Toss In A Movie

Movies are great precursors to help you get a girl in bed and have sex. There’s a reason why so many guys ask girls to come over to watch Netflix and chill. It gives you plenty of time to sit in each other’s company without the pressure of thinking of things to say. Not to mention, you can move as fast or as slow as you both desire. Feel her out based on how she responds to during this time. You’re almost at fuck town.

Turn Her On Now

You have advanced through the steps and now it’s time to take it to the next level. This is where the sex happens. Turn up the volume on your flirting. Watch the sparks fly even more. Just remember to always pay close attention to how she reacts. If she gives you the go-ahead, then keep on truckin’ because she likely wants the D. At that point you need to get the girl into your bedroom as quickly as possible if you aren’t there already.

That’s my step by step guide on how to get a girl in bed for some fun. See, I told you there wasn’t much to getting a girl in bed for some hookup fun. All you need to do is follow my directions accordingly and you’ll be successful.