How I Scored A Monday Night Football Sex Date


This weekend was the first weekend for NFL football and it was one of the craziest starting weekends that I’ve ever had. During the craziness, I was able to secure a sex date for Monday Night Football. I swear to you and I’m going to tell you exactly how I did it so you can do the same as the season progresses. Some people like to watch MNF tonight alone at home or at a bar. I, on the other hand, prefer to watch it with someone that wants to have sex.

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Tips For Scoring A Monday Night Football Sex Hookup

I’m going to keep this as clear and concise as possible. It’s not all that common for people to want to watch football with a girl, but if you ask me, sex and football is the ultimate touchdown! Here’s exactly what I did to try and set this date up for MNF tonight.

The first thing I did was log onto Snapsext. I immediately started doing searches for girls that were in a close radius. I went as deep as 8-10 miles but that’s about it. Sure, I could have done the entire city zip code but I decided to keep it close instead.

Next, I searched for girls that liked football and sports. I did this using the advanced search function on the website. This allowed me to narrow down a group of girls that I knew would be somewhat interested in watching the game with me.

Since the Washington Redskins, Pittsburg Steelers, San Fran 49ers, and LA Rams are playing, I looked for people that were specific fans of those two teams. Even though I am not, I knew that my chances of getting them to go on a date with me to watch the game would be that much greater.

I did not have any luck with finding someone that was a fan of the Redskins or Rams. However, I did find quite a few girls that mentioned that they were huge NFL fans. I knew these were the girls to approach. I quickly began messaging them using the subject line “Monday Night Football” just to cut to the chase with them.

Sure enough, some of the girls replied back that were die hard MNF fans. After chatting with a couple of hot local girls I convinced one to come over my house for a local football watching date. I have a ton of beers, wine, spirits and lots of condoms. My plan is to have this girl over tonight, drink a bunch (even though it can be a mistake) with her and fuck her during the game. Let’s hope that I get one or two touchdowns tonight!

This same technique can be used for the next few months and I can almost guarantee that you will get laid taking this approach at one point or another. Keep it local, keep it about the game and as a result, you will score!