Date Hookup Tips To Never Forget


I may have shed some light on this topic before but it’s super important that you not forget a few date hookup tips that I considered to be incredibly valuable. No, they are not super complex. In fact, you may have heard them at one point or another in your life but they are important enough for me to mention. I’ll be completely honest and say that if you forget these tips, your hookup chances are likely to take a nose dive. Pay close attention and if you don’t then you’re an idiot that might not like pussy. Simple as that.

date hookup rules

A Few Date Hookup Tips You Must Comprehend

These tips have helped me successfully get laid every weekend week after week for literally years. I suggest you read this twice.

Use The Search Function
Whether you’re using Snapsext or any other hookup dating website service, you better plan on using the advanced search function to find hot local girls. If you’re spending your time just logging into the site and taking no further action then you’re not doing everything that you can to be successful. Search for girls that have the qualities that you’re looking for in someone. You should be doing it often too!

Follow The Fuck Up!
I don’t care if you were lucky enough to get laid, or if you just had a really nice date that led no further than that. You need to act like a gentleman and follow up with the women that you’ve gone on a date with. Just because you didn’t get laid on the first date doesn’t mean that you can’t score her. Some girls are hard to get and luckily for you, you’re a gentleman and you’re action will be rewarded.

Always Pay
Whether or not the girl you are out with wants to pay, you best break out your wallet and take care of the tab. Paying for things says to a woman that you’re not a jobless loser with no money. In fact, it shows that you’re willing to put forth the money and effort to fuck her. I’ll be honest and say that out of all the dates I’ve ever been on, every single one that has ended with the girl paying has gone completely south. The reason some women want to pay is so they feel like they don’t owe you anything.

Be Prepared For Sex
You always need to be prepared for sex when going on a date with a girl that you met on a casual sex site. Some of these girls may surprise you and they may want to have sex at the most awkward moments. You must be ready to fuck at all times. Heck, I’ve had sex with a girl in the back alley of a coffee shop. I’ve also fucked in a park by a lake. You never know when you’ll need to perform so come ready.

Well, those are some of the most important date hookup tips that I could come up with to share with you. If you have any questions feel free to reach out to me.