Sex On A Plane: What You Must Know


I typically don’t talk about just sex on my blog. However, I’ve recently hit mile high status and I feel as thought that gives me the right to share some sex on a plane advice with you folks. There are a few important things that you must learn before trying to have sex in the air. The list isn’t scary but it’s all stuff you’ll want to familiarize yourself with before hitting the tarmac.

Sex On A Plane Dan Bilzerian

Dan Bilzerian On A Private Airplane

Things To Understand About Have Sex On A Plane

This list is one that I just came up with myself based on personal experiences. I’m sure there are plenty of things that I’m leaving out here. However, these are what I think are extremely important when it comes to having sex while flying. One thing I always suggest doing is checking your dating app before you take off. Try to determine if anyone on the plane is a member of the dating site that you’re using. You may be able to fuck someone new if you aren’t traveling with a girl. Sex in the air is always possible, regardless of who’s flying with you!

There Are Some Risks
One important thing to remember is that there are consequences if you get caught having “airplane sex.” Some of the consequences may not be that fun either. If a pissed off or a┬áprude flight attendant catches you balls deep then you may get in trouble with the captain and even arrested. It can and has happened before. Just understand that it’s not all fun and games if you do get caught.

Timing Matters
If you are flying commercial, then you’ll want to pick the perfect time for having sex on a plane. You’ll want to locate the closest bathroom and the one with the least amount of activity. The lady should always be the one that enters the bathroom first. You want to pay close attention to avoid any bathroom that has a long line. Establish a secret knock or something so that the girl knows that it’s you and not some other guy that’s about to go to pound town with your dirty GF.

Dress For Sex
Do you want to know what makes sex on a plane easier? Dressing as if you’re planning on having airplane sex is a pretty good idea. I’m just saying, plan on wearing something that makes the event most enjoyable and easiest to accomplish. That means no panties for you ladies.

Study The Positions
You need to have a sex position plan before going into the bathroom. Not all positions are possible. Actually, there are really only two positions that work in the bathroom of an airplane. The first is the reverse cowgirl and the other is the girl kinda straddling you. Whatever you do, don’t lean too much. The doors and walls aren’t as sturdy as you think.

Exit Plan
Getting off in the air is just half of it. Now you need to have an exit strategy to get away with it. The best approach is to bring the air sick bag and pretend like you are helping your female friend out. There’s nothing wrong with checking on a girlfriend that’s sick.

These are the basic tactics that you need to be familiar with if you plan on having sex on a plane. It’s doable and even though it’s not all that comfortable it’s a bucket list item and one dating goal many should hope to accomplish!