Adopting A Pet Wingman (Dog) Might Get You Laid More


I’m an animal lover and I truly believe that dogs enrich the lives of their owners. It’s no secret that there are many advantages to owning a dog. In fact, adopting a puppy may help you get laid more. I know, it sounds absolutely crazy, but if you’re a single guy and you want to get laid more, it may be time to get yourself a pet wingman i.e. a cute puppy.

pet wingman

A Pet Wingman Puppy Can Get You Laid…A Lot!

No, I’m not pulling this statement out of my ass. I’m actually writing based on both personal experiences and written facts here so please keep reading. According to an article published, a research team recently surveyed more than 1,200 people and of those individuals that were women, the majority of them said that they were more attracted to someone because they were pet owners. Now, based on my personal experiences of walking an English bulldog puppy on the weekends in a local area, I was able to bang more than a dozen girls just by them stopping to talk about the bulldog. That’s a lot of booty for just having a pet wingman right?

Now, I need to be very clear here  with this. The same does not apply towards having a cat as a pet. In fact, during this specific study, women basically said that a man having a pet cat was more of a turn-off. That said, don’t go out and buy a kitten if you don’t have one. Instead, go find the cutest damn puppy you can find and buy it! Then immediately take it to the local Starbucks or wherever the most local foot traffic is in your area. Sit back and watch the puppy do all the work for you.

What you’ve essentially done is gone out and invested in the best wingman possible. A pet wingman is one that is more than likely never to cockblock and even better if you can’t get laid, you’ve got a puppy that you can at least, hang out with. I should also mention the added bonus of having a puppy and what it means for your dating profile. If you’ve not taken any selfies with your puppy, then you better stop everything and do it right now! According to the study, more than 25 percent of the women found it to be a turn on if a dog was in their online dating profile photo.

Lastly, as a responsible adult, I should mention that I’m not suggesting you get a dog just for this reason alone. Make sure that you can provide a good home and love for a puppy. Yes, you must provide more love than you’ll be cashing in on by getting laid from local girls. A dog isn’t for everyone, so make sure it’s for you.