Shy Girls: What You Must Know To Determine If They Want You


Guess what, shy girls like hooking up with guys too. When a girl is attracted to you, she will usually give you clear signs. Sometimes these signs are voluntary, sometimes they are involuntary. Pretty girls are often outspoken and confident and they are used to getting attention from guys, so they don’t hesitate to show you that they are attracted. Shy girls are a different story. They still give you some of the same signs, but they are too shy to be obvious about it. Many shy girls are beautiful and sexy, but they don’t realize it. These types of girls can turn out to be hotter than any of their more confident friends. They just need someone who will recognize them and the signs that they are giving.

Shy Girls

Here are the most common signs that a shy girl likes you. This should help you look past her shyness and see that she is ready and willing to rock your world.

Making Eye Contact – This is a sign that will let you know that any girl is into you. If she is not interested in you, she will not bother to look your way. Pay close attention to shy girls though because, if she is clearly making an effort to avoid eye contact, she probably likes you.

She Pays Attention To You – Shy girls aren’t comfortable with striking up a conversation, so they show that they’re interested if they pay close attention to everything you say. She will often acknowledge you every time you talk, especially if no one else seems to be paying attention because their attention is focused on you whenever you are around.

She Responds To Your Humor – If you’ll notice; a shy girl will laugh at your humor and they will not laugh at anyone else’s. This is another sign that their attention is focused on you. Even if she doesn’t laugh, she will smile and probably make eye contact to show you she’s paying attention.

Subtle Touching – One thing that you should realize about any girl, especially shy girls, is that they will avoid contact if they’re not attracted to you. If she looks for any excuse to touch you, no matter how subtle, she is probably quietly turned on by you and feels the need to touch you.

Being More Shy w/ You Than With Anyone Else – If you see her engaging everyone else around you and making a concentrated effort to avoid engaging you, she probably likes you. If she didn’t like you, she wouldn’t be making an effort either way.

She Acts Weird or Nervous Around You – If a shy girl is attracted to you; you will be able to notice a clear difference in the way she responds to you than she does to anyone else. The more extreme her shyness, the more she will appear nervous and uncomfortable. If she was not attracted to you, there would be little to no difference in the way she reacts to you than she does to anyone else around you.

Keep your eyes and ears open for these things mentioned and you’ll likely have better luck hooking up. There are many girls using mobile dating sites that are shy but still want to get some D. Try and connect with them and see what happens.