Tips For Meeting Women At A Local Coffee Shop


Coffee shops are literally the greatest places on earth. Caffeine and women, I mean what else could you possibly ask for? If you live in a city big enough to have coffee shops, you are lucky. Why? Because it’s a place where you can meet women in a relaxed atmosphere where it’s easy to strike up a conversation. Here are some tips that will increase your chances of meeting women the next time you stop for a latte or iced coffee. Actually, before I get started, I want you to know that hanging at coffee shops has helped me hook up for years.

How To Meet Women At Coffee ShopsHow To Meet Single Women At Coffee Shops In The U.S.

These tips can help just about anyone meet someone at a local coffee shop. I don’t care if you’re an executive, college student, or blue collar worker. My tips work so take them seriously!

Hang Out At The Busy Places (At The Right Times)

You may think that it’s best to go when there are a lot of customers to increase your chances, but it’s actually better to go when it’s slow. The women you see at a coffee shop during peak hours are usually rushing in and out and don’t have time to talk. You are better off going when there are less people and the women are less likely to have the need to rush off somewhere else.

Look Your Best

This is obvious, but it should be said. Want to impress a woman, then look presentable. If you go anywhere with hopes of connecting with women, you should look your best. Put on some nice clothes and sip your coffee with confidence like you are the coolest guy in the room. Show them that you have pride in your appearance and a sense of style.

Introduce Yourself

It’s best to strike up a conversation when a woman sits down at a table, but you can also approach them when they are waiting for their coffee. Be friendly without being too pushy and take no for an answer, if they don’t respond well. If you get them to smile or talk back to you then you can continue to lay on the charm.

Pay For The Coffee

Once you have them talking, you should make the effort to give them a reason to stick around for a while. Ask to buy them a refill or offer to buy a pastry. Keep them around long enough to make an impression, so they will be more likely to remember you and accept any offers for further communication.

Get Phone Numbers

You have made the connection and it’s time to get going. You should have made enough of an impression by now that they should be happy to give you their number. If they aren’t interested, don’t push the issue. There will be others. Ask for her number or give her yours and take it from there.

Extend An Invitation Out

If you are really hitting it off, you could take a chance, bypass getting their digits. Instead, invite them out somewhere. Ask them if they want to go to a local restaurant or park or just walk around town. It’s a nice local date spot to kick things off. It might lead to having dinner and drinks together that night. This is not going to work with every woman. Don’t move this fast unless you are sure that you have hit it off well enough where she can’t refuse.

One thing I purposely didn’t mention was to always be logged into your Snapsex dating app while at the coffee shop. This is super important because it can help you quickly connect with other locals looking to have casual sex. Good luck and just remember, the worst thing that can happen is getting a cup of coffee and doing some work!