How To Impress A Girl


We live our lives every day trying to impress others, whether we like it or not, that’s how it is. If you want to hook up, you must know how to impress a girl because if you can’t do this then you’ll never get any. Here are a few suggestions for those that wish to get laid.

how to impress a girl

Dating 101: Three Tips on Impressing A Girl

Don’t Chase Her

Most girls are accustomed to being chased by guys. If you want to impress one, I’d suggest not chasing her. When a girl doesn’t get the attention that she wants, it makes her want it that much more. For those that throw themselves at women, I’d suggest you knock that off right away! I mean, I’m not telling you to not contact girls. You need to connect with women via Snap Sext if you want to get laid but you don’t need to chase them.

Say The Right Things

Want to impress a girl? Don’t say anything extreme or ridiculously stupid. Unless you’ve got a 12-inch dong and she knows that you’re packing that then it’s best to keep your tongue on lockdown. Just make sure that you say the right things if you want to get lucky. This applies to both meeting in person as well as any type of naked snap chat you have on a dating site.

Keep Her Guessing

I’d also suggest that you never ever lay your cards out on the table and surrender. The second you do, she will lose that thought that she has of being  with you. Once she’s “got you” it’s no longer a challenge for her. Instead, it’s a given and you lower your chances of getting laid again by her. Trust me on this one. I’ve been a victim of this myself.

Be A Badass Gentleman

Most girls don’t like to admit it but they like the bad boy type. They want some adventure in their lives. However, they also want security and to be treated like a lady when it counts. I’d highly suggest that you find a happy medium and act like what I refer to as a “bad ass” gentleman. This is quite simple to do actually. Just make sure you act the way you need to when it counts. Simple as that!

These may sound like pretty basic tips to you, however, the things mentioned are often ignored. Don’t ignore them if you want to get laid!