Texting Girls And How To Do It The Right Way


I’ve been using a few go to dating sites over the years, one of which is the definition of perfection when it comes to hooking up with girls. The common denominator is that texting is a must on all of them. Now, when it comes to texting girls, there is a right way to do it and there is a wrong way. If you make the effort to send the right texts, you could end up getting laid faster than you realize.

If you make the same common mistakes many men do, you will only turn her off. Texting is an art that you need to learn to perfect. To learn how to send the right texts, you must first learn what not to do. I’m going to cover that aspect of things right now.

texting girls: doing it the right way

Texting Girls (The Wrong Way and Right Way)

First I’ll cover things that you need to know so that you don’t do them. Then I’ll cover the right way to text horny girls. Who knows, you might end up meeting up with one or two if you play your cards right!

The last thing you want to do is send boring or mundane texts. If you don’t pique her interests right away, she’ll move on to a guy who will. Here are some samples of boring and mundane texts to avoid:

  • Hey, how are you today? Are you working today or what?
  • I was just thinking about you and thought I’d drop you a line. What’s up?
  • I enjoyed meeting you. Would you like to meet somewhere?
  • You are really fun to talk to. Would you like to get together sometime soon?

Here are some samples of responses you might get from her if you send one of these boring and mundane messages:

  • Things are a little complicated right now. I don’t really have time to go out.
  • I enjoyed meeting you as well, but I’m going out with someone this weekend.
  • I’m not prepared to go out with anyone right now. Sorry about that.

How to tell you’re doing it wrong…

There are tell-tale signs that you have made the wrong moves and a girl will let you know with her responses. If she is not interested, many girls (college girls especially) won’t respond at all. If she does, she responds with very short texts that don’t encourage further messages. They will also take a long time to respond. If she is interested, her responses will come rather quickly. Also, if you are initiating every text exchange, you are probably wasting your time.

How to text girls the right way…

Now that you know the wrong way to text her, let’s look at the right way. Each stage of texting comes with its own set of things to consider. I’ll explain each stage now.

Stage 1: The first stage is getting her attention. The first text you send should show your sense of humor. Make it playful and show your personality.

Stage 2: The second stage requires making a connection. A good way to make the connection is compliments. Show her that you’re a cool guy that she can trust. The more comfortable she is with you, the more likely you are to move on to the next stage.

Stage 3: The third stage is flirting. Show her that you’re not only funny, you’re sexy. Use this stage to tease her or flirt with her. The better she responds, the sexier the follow-up texts should be.

Stage 4: The fourth and final stage is sealing the deal. Keep your sense of humor and maintain flirting. If she continues responding in a positive way; ask her if she wants to meet.

Once you’ve built up your confidence and you think you’re ready then go for it, ask her out or to meet for drinks. Choose a local hotel that has great dining options. You will impress here, trust me. In the event that you do not, then pass on her entirely.

Text Messages To Send Girls You Wanna Smash


As you know, I’m all about sending hot text messages to girls. In my opinion, one of the most powerful tools in the modern casual dating world is texting or sexting. Knowing how to text local girls will do wonders for you – trust me. 

It’s not like being put on the spot and trying to come up with some things to say face to face with a girl. Texting allows you to take the time to formulate messages that will turn her on and make her want to be with you. Unfortunately, many guys still manage to screw it up. Some go overboard and use the wrong approach and end up scaring or evening disgusting a girl instead of turning her on.

That’s why I put together some examples of some effective texts that I have used and had success with. Don’t copy these texts word for word. That’s not the point. The point is to learn the right approach. After the samples, I’ll let you know the fundamentals of how to formulate your own texts that will get a girl to want to hook up with you.

Text Messages To Send Girls

Sample Text Messages To Send To Local Girls You Wanna Bang

Here are some of the best texts that I send to girls on Snapsext.com on a regular basis. If you’re not sending something similar, then you’re doing an injustice for yourself.

  • I’m not having a great day. Will you send over a hot pic to make me smile?
  • I couldn’t take my eyes off your legs while wearing that outfit yesterday.
  • Things get a quite naughty in my head when I think of you.
  • I can’t stop picturing what I’m going to do to you. I can’t concentrate on my work.
  • If I bought you some sexy lingerie, would you model it for me?
  • You better stop being a bad girl or I might have to give you a spanking.
  • What is your hottest erotic fantasy? I might just have to make it come true.
  • Women that get erotic massages are happier? FYI, I’m willing to help.
  • Hugs and kisses on all your pink parts.

Formulating Text Messages To Arouse Women

The first thing you must realize is that it’s not as hard as you think to get a girl in bed using text messages. Let’s face it. Most guys out there can’t formulate a proper sentence, much less put together a text that gets them laid. There is one basic rule that you must keep in mind. It rings true whether you are looking for a booty call or arouse your girlfriend. Always remember this:

Get Her Attention. Make Her Laugh. She’ll Respond For Sure!

You should always have this advice in your head every time you text a girl that you are attracted to. She wants to hear something interesting from you and she wants to have fun and nothing is more effective at making texts fun than making her laugh. If you interest her and make her smile, she will be more likely to accept the sextexting and be turned on by it. Just remember that she must feel comfortable with you before you bring out the kinky talk. If you jump in right away before you get to know her, you might give her the wrong impression and turn her off instead of turning her on.

Important Rules For Texting A Potential Hookup


We’ve all met someone that we want to have sex with really bad. We meet them online. Make the connection and then when the time comes, we screw it up by texting them the wrong thing. It’s inevitable that at some point in time you’re going to do this is you haven’t already. I’ve done it myself and I’m here to share some rules to help you steer clear from making some big mistakes when it comes to dating online and texting girls you want to smash.

texting rules

Rules For Texting Girls You Want To Bang

Here are a few of the most important rules when it comes to sending a text to a potential lay.

Avoid Late Night

Want to avoid looking like a real douchebag? Simple! Don’t send any ridiculous late night text messages. If you do, then you’re going to find yourself alone at home pulling your dick with no girls replying. Girls don’t want to get some random lame-ass text message from some random number that they just met through a dating site.

Nope. Not a chance!

Don’t even think about that. Instead, you need to conduct business during normal business hours if you know what I mean. She’ll respect you more for it, will probably reply and you might even be able to have sex with her some day because you didn’t fuck it up with a late ngiht message.

No Crotch Shots

I promise you that you’re making a huge mistake sending a picture of your dick unless she specifically asks for one. Some girls are grossed out by the sight of a guy’s dick.

They prefer to keep that in the bedroom and believe it or not, lots of girls feel this way. So, no dick pics at all. Wait until you get her to a hotel room to show her your schlong!

No Back To Back Messages

If you find yourself sending three, maybe four messages to a girl and you haven’t heard anything back from her, then you need to stop right there and not send a single message to her again. She’s either busy or not interested in what you have to offer. Don’t even try it!

Don’t Go Dirty Unless She Starts

Don’t send anything too dirty  to a girl unless she’s asked you for it. Some girls really like sending and receiving dirty text messages but then again, some hate it. You could spoil your chances with one of them if you’re too forward.

Girls don’t like to know everything. They want excitement and sending a ridiculously dirty text message paragraph that states everything you’re going to do to her isn’t the way to do it.

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