Four Signs A Woman Is Flirting With You


Some women like to work and others don’t. In fact, it’s not necessary to have a girl you just met flirt with you. The truth is, it’s tough to tell whether or not a girl is actually flirting with you. You can never be too sure about whether a girl is flirting with you or not. Knowing the sure shot signs are important. If you have ever been interested in some girl you met online or at a bar, here are four signs that she might be flirting with you. Knowing them will help you get pussy. I guarantee that.

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Signs That A Woman Is Flirting Hard With You

There are many signs that you will come across when hanging with a woman. Knowing if she’s flirting with you is super important. It helps you get laid faster and maybe even have a half night stand or two.

She Wants You To Pay Attention To Her Mouth

If a girl likes you, she is definitely going to do everything in her power to make you want to pay closer attention to her, especially in her mouth region. There is incredible flirtatious energy tied up in the lips of a woman. Lips are used as flirting tools because not only are they potent, they are effective. They boost the sexual tension levels for sure.

A woman will go out of her way for you to pay attention to her lips. She might start eating the food and licking her lips or she might have a sip for too long of a cocktail and drag her lips around the corner of the glass. She is going to do it and it is your job to pay attention to this major flirting sign. I’ve had a hot girl spend time working her mouth for an hour only to have that lead to them being on my dick a few hours later.

She Gives Undivided Attention

A girl definitely is into you and is flirting with you if she is giving you undivided attention. If she is singling you out, you need to wrap your head around the fact that she is into you. A girl would only try and gain the attention of someone she really cares about or someone she wants to fuck. It’s a notch further than the usual flirtation but a definite sign of one.

Whether you are sitting with friends or you are at a bar, if a girl is calling for your attention, you seriously need to consider everything because that girl is into you for sure. No girl gives her full attention if she doesn’t care about you or want to fuck you.

She Copies Your Body Movement

If a woman attempts to copy your body movement, then she’s into you for sure. It can be interesting to see that a girl is copying your body movement. She is going to do so if she likes you and wants to play along. Mimicking body movements is an obvious sign that she likes you and wants more from you.

She can copy you in different ways. She can either copy your movement in the sense of when you pick up a glass or she might dance in a way that is similar to your dancing style. She may even copy your hand movements. It is up to you to recognize whether or not she is doing it or she isn’t. If she does, know that she likes you and is flirting with you.

She Plays With Her Hair

Finally, if a girl likes you, she is going to make sure that she plays with her hair in front of you. A girl doing that is giving you a clear indication of the fact that she likes you and is flirting with you.

Pick up on these effective flirting signs if you want to realize that a girl is into you. If she is doing all these, she definitely wants you and wants you bad. It’s literally that simple. You need to put in the work to flirt if you want to fuck. Now, meeting someone online surely can speed things along, but it’s still going to be necessary for your to put in a little bit of work to meet someone to snap and fuck.