Important Rules For Texting A Potential Hookup


We’ve all met someone that we want to have sex with really bad. We meet them online. Make the connection and then when the time comes, we screw it up by texting them the wrong thing. It’s inevitable that at some point in time you’re going to do this is you haven’t already. I’ve done it myself and I’m here to share some rules to help you steer clear from making some big mistakes when it comes to dating online and texting girls you want to smash.

texting rules

Rules For Texting Girls You Want To Bang

Here are a few of the most important rules when it comes to sending a text to a potential lay.

Avoid Late Night

Want to avoid looking like a real douchebag? Simple! Don’t send any ridiculous late night text messages. If you do, then you’re going to find yourself alone at home pulling your dick with no girls replying. Girls don’t want to get some random lame-ass text message from some random number that they just met through a dating site.

Nope. Not a chance!

Don’t even think about that. Instead, you need to conduct business during normal business hours if you know what I mean. She’ll respect you more for it, will probably reply and you might even be able to have sex with her some day because you didn’t fuck it up with a late ngiht message.

No Crotch Shots

I promise you that you’re making a huge mistake sending a picture of your dick unless she specifically asks for one. Some girls are grossed out by the sight of a guy’s dick.

They prefer to keep that in the bedroom and believe it or not, lots of girls feel this way. So, no dick pics at all. Wait until you get her to a hotel room to show her your schlong!

No Back To Back Messages

If you find yourself sending three, maybe four messages to a girl and you haven’t heard anything back from her, then you need to stop right there and not send a single message to her again. She’s either busy or not interested in what you have to offer. Don’t even try it!

Don’t Go Dirty¬†Unless She Starts

Don’t send anything too dirty ¬†to a girl unless she’s asked you for it. Some girls really like sending and receiving dirty text messages but then again, some hate it. You could spoil your chances with one of them if you’re too forward.

Girls don’t like to know everything. They want excitement and sending a ridiculously dirty text message paragraph that states everything you’re going to do to her isn’t the way to do it.

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