How To Have A Fling With Your Boss At Work


So many people out there have on their bucket list to hook up with their boss. Either that or they want to have some sort of work play hookup or bootycall of some sort. It’s actually quite common for this type of thing to happen in the workplace. I’ve had my fair share of work sex before and most of them have been with girls that are just horny and looking for some side piece. There’s a method to this madness and you’ll need to better understand things if you want to get in on it.

Fling with your boss

Tips For Having A Fling At Work

Whether you want to hook up with your boss or a co-worker, I can help make that happen. These tips most definitely will help you connect in a more intimate manner with people at work. Trust me, I’ve done it on numerous occasions and you can do it too.

Mention Dating

The one thing you need to do is mention dating to them. Don’t be afraid to talk about dating sites and hint around to them that you’re using one. If you’re not using a casual hookup site, then I suggest you start using this one above all others.

It’s bound to help improve your sex life outside of work so why not. Be sure to ask them if they have used any dating sites that are for just hooking up. They’ll get the idea that you’re in it to just bang. It’s a power move for sure and works.

Bring Up Celeb Affairs and Hook Ups

If there are any celeb flings or sex scandals that come about while you’re working then make a point to bring them up.

You want to let them know that you don’t think anything is wrong with hooking up with random people. If they think it’s disgusting then they may not be down for random hookups.

At which point, you’ll need to find someone else to bang. If they buy into it and they agree it’s no biggie, then you’ve scored!

Talk About Going Out

In a round about way, you want to ask if they’re into going out. This will give you an idea as to what they like to do when they aren’t working in the office.

If they already talk about going out, then bring up a happy hour or an event that you can both go to. This will help them loosen up a bit.

Flirt Lightly

Flirting is key if you want to fuck a co-worker or your boss. This lets them know just how interested you really are and it’s a must if you really want to hook up with them. I typically suggest some dancing, light touching or some joking.

You need to make them laugh if you want to smash, simple as that. Flirting has always been the deciding factor of whether or not someone wants to make a move so be sure to flirt with people.¬†Once I’ve got past the flirting stage, then it’s just a matter of getting enough drinks in them and us heading to a hotel room or my place.

That’s all that you need to know if you want to bang someone at your office. Trust me when I say that this is 100% achievable for almost anyone that puts forth the effort to do so.

Whatever you do, definitely do not use this dating site called Badoo or you’ll be throwing money down the toilet, no lie. It simply doesn’t work for this type of thing. There are no so-called secret hookups when it comes to mainstream dating sites and apps like that one.