Badoo Review: Everything About This App (Here’s What Stinks Most)

I’m all about using mobile apps today. You’ll notice that I spend most of my time using Snapsext and any other “snap style” app with similar functionality. While looking for some others on the web, I came across the infamous Badoo app. When I decided to use this site and investigate things, I learned quite a bit.

One thing you need to know is that I’m suggesting you DO NOT JOIN until you read this review. I’ve gone through the effort to share my experience with you. Ignoring it is only a foolish move on your behalf. With that being said, I want to share a few things that I learned about the Badoo app and website when I joined.

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My Official Rundown of the App

It should come as no surprise that Badoo is a well-populated dating network that’s existed for years. I took the initiative to try this out and unfortunately, you might not like what I’m about to share. There are many people out there on the web that have completely bashed this dating network. They claim that there is nothing but Badoo scams taking place all over.

I hate to make that assumption so I went ahead and did my own research on the website. I read about the scams written online. You’ll also learn that I decided to share much more than what many other people have done with regard to their Badoo experience. Here’s what I was able to quickly discover after using the site for some time.

It’s A Big Site

The first thing you need to know is that this site is no small fry. In fact, you’ll find that the site claims to have over 100 million users on the website. The network operates as a chat, hook up, and socializing network. Many people simply use it because they think they’ll meet someone looking to connect and hook up with them. However, that’s most likely not going to be the case and I’ll tell you exactly why.

Immature Users

For starters, I quickly learned that the site has a lot of immature users that have signed up. Due to the fact that many people are not looking for sex, it’s almost a waste of time and effort for anyone with the same intentions.

When I joined and created my profile, I quickly became aware of that fact due to the nature of the messaging that I received. Lots of the messages were completely out of context and had nothing to do with hooking up.

Unsolicited Messages

I’m not a big fan of receiving any unsolicited messages unless they are coming from a hot girl looking to meet for sex. Heck, I’m even fine with receiving them from girls that just want to have video sex chat sessions. I did not get any of that from this site. Not even the slightest bit of “horny chat” requests at all.

Those messages that I did receive were completely spam-related and none of them were even from local girls.

Facebook Connect

One of the features that I can’t stand about Badoo is that they allow you to connect your Facebook to the app. Look, I’m not trying to tell all my Facebook friends that I’m using sext apps to meet and fuck.

I’m sorry but it’s just not something I want the world to know. Unfortunately, when you signup via your Facebook, your photo and FB bio all transfer over to the Badoo app. Sure it’s convenient but it doesn’t make me feel very comfortable, to say the least.

Other Reviews

As previously mentioned, there are TONS of third-party reviews posted on so many sites about the Badoo app. Based on that alone, my advice to you is to completely avoid this dating service. Here are some of the things that people had to say about this website and the dating service in general.

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Various Ways People Spell Badoo Incorrectly

There are lots of screw-ups when it comes to spelling this brand. People often butcher this when searching for the name of the company online. Here are the various ways that people screw up spelling this. It’s insane how horrible consumer spelling can be today.

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bado download
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bazoo cams

Conclusion: Do Not Join Badoo. It’s Not Worth The Money

If you want to get anywhere with dating today, you need to pay money to do so. However, spending money on Badoo is a total waste of time. Most of these girls require more work than it’s worth. That’s the main reason why I’ve completely thrown in the towel with regards to Badoo.

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