My Secret Fling Review

It is no secret, My Secret Fling is a massive scam and one that you want to avoid. This is pretty much just like and perhaps worse than the other fling scams I’ve covered today. is not the original fling site and it’s 100% an imposter that’s trying to take your money. Here is what I know about the site and why your best bet is to avoid it like crazy.

my secret fling

My Secret Fling Is A Public Scam

There’s a lot of hook up sites that say they’re able to keep your encounters discreet. Sometimes they’re telling the truth. The people who use the site have their reasons for keeping their mouths shut. These are the places where you can be sure that your sex life is going to be kept secret from everyone but you and the person you happen to be hooking up with.

The problem is that there are also sites that take your need for discretion and use it against you. These sites know that you need something special and that’s what they use to lure you in. That’s when they try to scam you.

People with special sexual needs don’t have as many options as other people and they know it. That’s what’s happening with My Secret Fling. This is a site that wants nothing but your money and isn’t willing to earn it the proper way.

Create A Test Account

If you want to see the scam in action, all you have to do is create an account on the site. Make your profile, but don’t put any information on it. Just try to keep it as empty as you possibly can. Don’t write about yourself if you don’t have to and don’t upload any images. Just sit back and you’ll see what happens. You’re going to start getting messages right away.

They’re going to fill up your inbox and it will seem like the site is the best place to hook up in the world. Unfortunately, that’s just not how it really works. No woman who needs discretion is going to just send off messages to people that she can’t see or read about. What’s happening is that you’re getting fake messages from fake profiles.

Check All The Photos

If you want to see all of the evidence you need, just run a reverse image search on the profile pictures. Pick any profile that’s been sending you messages. You can do it right through Google. What’s going to happen is that you’re going to see it all over the internet.

That’s because the picture you see is a stock photo that the site bought to put on a fake profile. They then use it to send you fake messages. When you try to respond, you’ll see that you have to upgrade your account with a paid membership.

Verdict: Don’t Bother With My Secret Fling

My Secret Fling is a scam site and it’s really that simple. They send you fake messages and make you pay to respond to them. There are no real people on this site.

There never have been. It’s all just a way to trick you out of your money. Just skip this site and find another one.

There are plenty of sites on the internet that will actually work for you. Find those sites instead and save your money. There’s no reason to waste it on a site like this one.

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