Tattoos, Casual Dating and Why I Think They Help!


I like tattoos and I’ve got a few of them myself. I’ve had some girls come up to me and ask about my ink. It seems like it’s an easy icebreaker perhaps. If you are thinking about getting some ink, one of your motivations might be to attract more women, especially if you’re using a casual dating service. Well, there are advantages to getting a tattoo, but there are disadvantages. You may not and you shouldn’t care, as long as one of the advantages is being more attractive to women. Before you go sitting in the chair for hours, find out the science behind what women think and why.

Tattoos and Casual Dating

Reasons Women Love Tattoos On Guys (And Why It Helps With Casual Dating)

Many females are attracted to a man with tattoos and studies have shown that tattooed men are perceived as sexy and masculine. Studies have also shown that tattooed men don’t fare so well when it comes to employment or being a good prospect for fatherhood, good news for you is that you’re not on the market for becoming a dad. Banging women is the objective, not marrying them and having kids. There are exceptions, of course, but you should be aware of the many reasons why tattoos are considered to be attractive to women and why shun guys with them.

Research shows that many women think men with ink are manly and dominant, but they don’t necessarily find them more physically attractive. Tattoos may not help your looks, but it enhances traits that women are attracted to in other ways. If you are perceived as dominant and manly, it means that you exude confidence and confidence is one of the things that draws women to you more so than most. I’ve been able to hook up with hot women over the years that were supermodels and way out of my league just because they thought I was confident. Trust me, it definitely helps in this aspect.

There are some disadvantages…

The disadvantages of having ink depend on what you consider a disadvantage. If you are enjoying a care-free life of being single and having casual sex, it probably doesn’t matter that much. However, research has shown that many women do not consider the bad boy image of tattooed men to be good for the future father of their children. In fact, many of them consider them to have the worst potential for being long term partners. Like I said though, long term isn’t in the cards for me. If I wanted to find a long-term partner I’d head over to eHarmony, lol.

Another perception of men with tattoos is that they are healthier, but science has shown that it just might be more than just a perception. The way your body responds to the pain of getting a tattoo is good for your immune system. Additionally, a characteristic and often viewed as a stereotype of tattooed men is being dominant and aggressive, they often have higher levels of testosterone, which is advantageous in attracting the opposite sex.

If you think about it, there are more advantages to getting a tattoo than disadvantages. You are considered sexy, dominant, and manly and you are also likely to make other men feel intimidated. You might not be perceived as the best father, but your perceived dominance will help you in that area as well because you will be looked at as a formidable man who can protect those you are close to.

Now, I’m not telling you to go out and get some tattoo that just because you want to attract more women. Instead, you should get some tattoos that you want for you and do it for yourself. The byproduct of getting them will be looking more attractive to women. Did I also mention that they help make your profile pic look more attractive?

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