Foods That Will Help Boost Your Libido


It’s no secret that what you eat affects your emotional well-being. Certain foods are linked to endorphin release while other foods often make you feel groggy after consuming them. The kind of food you eat affects your emotions as well as your physicality and sex drive while other foods decrease hormonal levels in men. It’s unfortunate that a lot of men lose an active and satisfying sex life based on the foods they eat.

Luckily for men, there are other alternatives to keep the sex drive up that don’t involve a rigorous daily exercise routine. Sometimes all it takes is proper nutrition to boost your sex drive. With that in mind, let’s look at how to choose your meals wisely. Stick with the foods mentioned below and you’ll start seeing an increase, not only in sexual desire but in lovemaking abilities.

Boost your libido

Huge List Of Libido Boosting Foods To Consume

Here’s a rundown of what I’d deem to be the biggest list of the foods that I personally consume in an attempt to boost my libido. After all, a healthy libido is the only kind to have.

Garlic – This one should come as no surprise, garlic contains allicin which increases blood circulation and keeps your heart healthy in a way that will offer you more pleasing sexual intercourse with your partner.

Bananas – These are another essential. The fruit is rich in Vitamin B and Potassium. The combination of will give you a big energy boost and help increase the testosterone.

Eggs – Eggs contain vitamin-B5 and vitami-B6. These two ingredients will increase your libido like no one’s business.

Watermelon – Helps to loosen up your blood flow and relax the vessels. The Zinc ingredient has the extra bonus of lowering depression which is necessary for a healthy sex life.

Potatoes – Potatoes contain the potassium that your body so desperately craves. Without that, you’ll likely get cramps while having sex.

Spinach – This one is a very helpful because of the Magnesium which helps to increase your blood flow to extremities for plenty of healthy erections.

Oatmeal – Helps to lower the cholesterol levels that narrow your blood vessels and pull down your sex drive.

Whole Grain Bread – An excellent source of Zinc which keeps the blood flowing and the erections longer lasting.

Dark Chocolate – Rich in antioxidants that increase both the serotonin and dopamine levels in the brain in a way that decreases stress levels and puts you in the mood.

Sunflower Seeds – They contain the good kind of cholesterol. Lack of good cholesterol in one’s system leads to decreased sexual desire.

Oysters – Eat a lot of these and you’ll be pumped with Zinc that will increase your testosterone.

Blueberry – This fruit is like nature’s medicine for the penis. They contain 6 types of flavonoids that benefit and heal erectile dysfunction.

Celery – This vegetable contains aldosterone, an ingredient essential for increasing masculinity.

Ginger – This one has multiple sexual advantages. It raises testosterone levels, increases blood flow, and warms the body rapidly, putting you in the mood.

Other foods that help increase your libido are pomegranate which are flowing with antioxidants, honey which improves metabolism, peppers, fatty fish which increases dopamine levels and increases blood circulation, chia seeds, almonds, walnuts, red meat which is a good source of zinc, and milk. The most important thing when it comes to dating online is to meet people that you want to hook up with. The second most important thing is to have a strong libido!