Apps Like Tinder You Might Consider Checking Out


If you’re using dating apps, then chances are you’ve wanted to try the infamous Tinder app. Most people don’t realize it but there are lots of apps like Tinder out there that work like a charm. Many of them were born after the creation of what was once known as “Go Tinder.” There is no denying that Tinder was the first app to incorporate the swipe functionality into their platform technology. There have since been a number of dating startups that have blossomed into hookup apps that can get you laid. If you’re thinking about tapping into Tinder, perhaps you should think about using some of these instead!

Apps Like Tinder

Best Apps Like Tinder (That I’ve Used Before)

Here is a rundown of all the apps that I know out there which are very similar to Tinder. Check them out and try one or two if you’re up for it!


I personally only use the app these days because it works better than all of them. No lie, I’ve been able to hook up with more women than I ever thought would be possible since joining and downloading this app. Having said that, if you’re keen on connecting with horny women and swiping to sext and smash, then this is the app for you.


The Zoosk app is pretty good too if you’re looking for a free dating option. There are about 4 million people visiting this site every month, so there is a pretty good chance that you’ll meet one or two people using this app. Most users are single and they’re open to meeting and flirting.


AdultFriendFinder is one of the best adult dating sites out there just behind the Snapsext network. The reason I say this is due to the fact that they have so many members using the site. No lie, there are legit 70 million members that are a part of this network. Now, that makes it abundant but if they aren’t active then it can be misleading. The app allows you to swipe, chat, hookup, and more.


I’m a fan of the Instabang app only because it’s owned and operated by the same guys that run Snapsext. Instabang is a picture-centric swiping app that helps you connect with local dating members looking to bang and that’s it. If you’re up for that type of action, then I suggest giving it a shot.


The Down App was once branded as the Bang With Friends app but has since switched due to branding legal issues. This app helps connect you with others that are DTF aka down to fuck. It’s effective and does work but it’s not a top ten app by any means.


Pure is sketchy but it’s got Tinder qualities to it that help makes it easy to hook up with people. It’s literally just an app that connects you with someone for sex. There’s no calling, video chatting or messaging. It’s sex or nothing, with a Tinder quality to it.

Apps To Avoid

Now that I’ve given you a taste of some apps that might actually get you laid. You now need to know the ones that you must ultimately avoid at all costs! I’ve provided a quick and dirty list below if you’re curious. Here’s everything you need to know about the horrible Tinder app wannabe networks.

Badoo – This one is huge in terms of the number of members but it flat out doesn’t work at all. I’ve tried like hell to hook up on and it just did not end up working out for me in the end.

MeetMe – The Meetme app was a huge waste of time and money. It crashed more than ever and once again, I did not end up hooking up with anyone at all. Read my review of it here.

Match – This mainstream dating app would be promising if I was looking to settle down, but that’s simply not my motive. Can you swipe and meet people? Sure, but chances are they will not be willing to fuck you if you do. (Match app review)

That’s the scoop for you! Keep coming back for more dating tips and tricks. I update the site regularly and will do so as much as I can so be sure to come back for more!

Standards For Swiping Right on Tinder


While I’m not a huge fan of Tinder, I know some of you people probably use it. This is why I’m covering this topic today. I can’t leave you all hanging here, so I’m going to fire off some swiping right standards that I suggest you abide by.

Tinder is one of the many among online dating apps today. It’s simple and straightforward and a lot of people are using it. One of the main reasons it’s so popular is because you can connect with local singles for free. All you have to do is download the app, adjust the distance you want to search, and start browsing. You swipe right if you like the way the person looks and/or their bio and you swipe left if you don’t. If you are a girl, you probably appreciate the fact that the guys cannot contact you unless you swipe right.

That means that your success on Tinder depends on making the right decision on exactly when to swipe right. Here are some standards that will help you choose and save you a lot of time trying to figure out which way to swipe.

Assuming that you’re using any dating app, then you better have a solid dating profile. If not, then read this for some help!

Tinder Swiping Standards

My Personal Standards For Swiping on Tinder

Here’s run down of standards that I abide by and that you should as well. These are tips for both men and women.

When To Swipe LEFT

Girl Tip: One of the guy’s pictures is a shirtless selfie – The shirtless selfie became a turn-off a long time ago. If he doesn’t know that, he goes in the “no” pile.

There are multiple people in all the girl’s or guy’s pictures – If you have to take the time to investigate which one is the person your trying to bang, it’s not worth the time to check it out.

The guy/girl has pictures of him with the opposite sex – If a guy/girl is desperate enough to post pictures of him/her with a bunch of people, then you need to pass.

Too many pictures and mentions of partying – One or two fun party pictures are fine, but if that’s what they’re all about and it could be complete bullshit. Really party people don’t brag about it, they just do it.

Their bio explains that they are looking to settle down – Tinder is not the settle down type of app to use. People use this app to hook up. They are probably desperate. Run like the wind before you get trapped.

Girl Tip: His bio explains how successful he is or his academic accomplishments – This might seem like a good thing, but if he’s so successful, why is he looking for women on Tinder?

They send you a one or two-word message – People who send messages with only one or two words don’t really want to talk. They’re just casting their net to cover as many bases as possible.

When To Swipe RIGHT

If they’re hot – If you can’t deny the immediate attraction to any given profile picture, swipe right. That is, unless a shirtless selfie is involved. Be strong ladies. Cheesiness cancels everything out.

If they’re humble – If they’re hot and don’t brag about themselves, probably a good candidate to swipe right and smash.

If funny – If hot, humble, and funny, then you have struck Tinder gold. A good sense of humor is also an extra incentive to be a little less selective when it comes to looks.

These are my basic standards for swiping on Tinder. Keep in mind that the same rules basically apply for all casual sex apps, so apply them as necessary!