MeetMe Review: Do Millions Of Users Really Matter Today?

When I come across a site like, I have no choice but to dive right into things head first. I thought about the world of this app and site when I first landed on it. Then after doing some digging and using the site, my ideas and notions quickly changed. I’ll tell you right from the get-go that this is a below-average dating service. Given the number of users, you’d think that it would work better and be more effective but that’s not the case.

For those unfamiliar with MeetMe, it’s an online dating community that connects singles looking to mingle. You’ll find that the site can be registered online, via iOS as well as via Android. Learn the ins and outs of this network before joining. I’m telling everything I know right here!

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MeetMe Review And Experience Joining The Site

Now the strange thing is that I came across this site by doing a simple search online typing in “let’s fuck” and the first site I saw was this one. I immediately took action to join because I thought the girl was pretty hot for a local single female.

I did what any normal horny guy would do, I signed up and became a registered user of MeetMe. One thing that bothered me was having to agree to the terms and conditions of the site. Unfortunately, it was implied that I did so when clicking the “Sign Up Free!” button.

Rather than waste time bitching and moaning about the terms, I’ll just share what I think is good and bad about Meetme, Inc. Review

What’s Good?

The good news about this site is that there are tens of millions of users across the world who tap into MeetMe to meet people.

They offer lots of site features such as uploading images, providing details on matching preferences, being able to connect with users locally, having the ability to set favorites and see who’s viewed you and even using their proprietary matching tool.

There’s a lot of good to be said about MeetMe but it’s not all good.

What’s Bad?

There are a few about this dating site that bothers me. For starters, the fact that they don’t share too much info on the users is a problem in my eyes.

If I’m going to send naked pics or videos via Snapchat, then I want to know who I’m sending them to and what those people are all about. Chances are I’m sending them out to a Snapchat prostitute!

Some of the members on MeetMe share next to nothing in terms of content and personal information. You’ll be lucky to get a simple photo out of some of them even. The lack of info makes it very difficult to connect with users on a more intimate and personal level.

Another thing I hate about this site is that there are ads EVERYWHERE in the member’s area. Don’t be surprised if you see dozens of banner ads because you will. They are so annoying that it’s often hard to even use the site.

You should also know that this site does nothing to help verify members are who they say they are. This is scary given all the creepy people in the world today. You get 40 million people using a dating site and a few of them are bound to be bad apples without any questions asked.

Other People Hate This Site

If you take a close look around the Internet, you’ll quickly realize just how bad of a site this is. So many people have written reviews stating that it’s filled with nothing but prostitutes and other scumbags looking to scam people out of money.

That’s all just stuff that I can’t take the time to deal with. When there are so many other sites out there that work well, I can’t seem to justify using a site that houses a ton of prostitute advertisements.

Conclusion: Did Not Get Me Laid

Most importantly, the dating site never got me laid. Even after upgrading and paying for a premium membership, it led to nothing. All that I got was better profile placement and access to a few more games and features. None of that stuff matters if you can’t really hook up with someone though. I’m overusing the MeetMe site and I’ll never go back to it. I’ll stick with what works instead.

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