Best Ways for Single Guys To Find Girls (Steady Bang Buddies)


Single guys can find girls today with almost little to no effort. It’s one of those things that pretty simple to do and in fact, there are many ways that it can be done.

There are a lot of guys out there navigating the “singles scene,” but many of them struggle with the transition from NSA or casual relationships to “long to sex” relationships. It’s a whole different dynamic. It’s more about making a lasting connection and less about hooking up for a sext and bang. Here are the 10 best ways for single guys to make the move away from one night stands when they are ready to find someone they want to smash on the regular…

How To Find Girls

Ways For Single Guys To Find Girls And Prepare For Steady “Bang Buddies”

Make sure you are prepared to settle down. You can’t begin a relationship unless you know yourself. You’re not going to get along with her long term if you are dealing with doubts and insecurities.

Stop texting and start calling. You probably started texting a lot at the beginning of your relationship. If you want it to continue, start calling her and hearing her voice rather than texts and emojis.

Trust me, this holds especially true if you are both using the Snapsext network to connect and communicate. A video chat call will make her day and help you get laid more, trust me. 

Trust me on this. Don’t get carried away here, you’re not going to find yourself having a devil three way if you don’t smarten up and take my advice!

Don’t rush into a physical relationship. An NSA encounter moves fast because both parties want something purely physical. If you want to find a steady hookup, you should be concerned with developing the mental connection first.

Don’t be so attached to your pride. Don’t stand your ground to save face when you’re wrong. If you do or say something wrong, admit it and show her that you are willing to be emotionally vulnerable.

Make her feel like you’re lucky to have her. Guys looking for a quick hookup will take a woman for granted and see them as a lay. If you want more, you need to show her that she’s more than a fling.

Don’t assume she the same as the rest. Too many singles of both sexes will complicate things by thinking that everyone is going to hurt them like their ex did. You’ll never get anywhere making those assumptions. Everyone is different.

Talk to friends who are in a relationship. Open up to friends who have found a significant other and ask them to impart some of their wisdom about finding “the one.” My guess is that a friend or two of yours has met someone at a local date spot or perhaps another location and they’ve got a few pointers to share with you. Their wisdom is just what you need today!

Realize it doesn’t happen like it does in the movies. Don’t get an ideal scenario in your head where the guy gets the girl that you saw in a movie. Every connection is going to be different and managing your expectations will help you keep things in perspective.

Start thinking about the future. When you’re trying to hook up, you tend to think short term, and that affects your choice of mate. Think long term and choose women you think will be a good match for you. Forget about just a one and done mentality. Even modern casual dating today requires thinking in advance.

Be confident that you are worthy of love. In order to find love, you must feel that you deserve it. If you jump in with too many insecurities, it could spell disaster.

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