Best Places to Meet Sugar Babies


For all the men out there looking to hook up rapidly, there is no shortage of places that you can search for younger women. Today we’ll talk about where you can take your search offline, versus the online dating hook up site that we recommend.  Some people still like to have the human touch and element added to the fold when they go about their dating conquests.

First off, from my experience it is fairly obvious that these sugar babies are found with other sugar babies drinking alcohol.  Finding one isn’t that hard, in fact.

Where Do Sugar Babies Hang Out?

Whole Foods or Other Farmers Market

When the health trend started up, and women really started to look at not just older men, but fit older men, it became really easy to find the man who kept himself together at a place that sells fruits and veggies.  For this reason, Whole Foods Market as well as the Farmer’s Market works quite well.  Plus, the young fit woman can have something in common with them – being healthy.  Look for them with yoga pants on and looking for fresh raw juices.  It’s pretty easy to strike up a conversation in an environment like this.

Meeting Sugar Babies

Charity Events

This one isn’t obvious, but I swear it works.  When the ladies go, it’s because giving men are there.  Philanthropists, if you will.  Find some upcoming events, and hang out for  awhile.  You’d be surprised. Some may be even doing promotional modeling for the event, which is normally a dead giveaway that they are single.

Dog Parks

Where has there ever been an easier spot to strike up a convo than a dog park?  Women love dogs and it’s an easy way to strike up a conversation.  “Cute puppy, what’s his name?”  There you go, there’s your in.  Now go out there and make it happen.  It’s as simple as that.

Wine Tastings

Places like the South Beach Wine and Food Festival are ripe with talent, but you don’t have to live in Miami to find a wine tasting.  Often times your local liquor store or wine store will have these, often times with, like I said above, promotional models.  When this happens, pounce on it.  You know how easy it is to talk to someone when you are both drinking?  This is like going to a bar without the stigma of “going to a bar.”  This is one of my favorite places to find younger women, because again, it’s just a wine tasting and their guard is down.

There you have it, a few places you can meet younger women.  When you do this, you’ll have more weekend hook ups.