Stuff Single Guys Should Not Post On Social Media


As you know, many casual dating sites are quite similar to social media sites today. That holds especially true for sites that are built to function similar to a huge social site like Snapchat, Facebook, and even Instagram. What you need to know is that what you say and do on both social media as well as dating sites does matter.

Social media has taken over our lives to the point that every guy needs to know how to properly use these apps. They’ve got to know how to use photos to represent themselves, despite many of them being horrible at taking pics and choosing which to post. There aren’t many hard rules when it comes to posting a picture on your timeline or feed. You should upload pics of yourself looking your best, be it without trying too hard. However, what’s actually more important than what you post is what not to post. As long as you avoid all the common mistakes, you’ll be more likely to attract women, rather than have them running for the hills.

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Simple Things Guys Must Refrain From Posting on Social Media Sites

Here is a simple list of things that all men should avoid posting on any social media channel and dating site. Trust me when I say that I’ve got ample experience in this department and if you’re not doing it right then you’re missing out on hookup opportunities (in a round about way). Pay close attention and do as I say…

Avoid posting a photo of you drunk or high. It may seem like a great idea at the time, but you should never post a picture of you inebriated. You aren’t going to look your best with droopy eyes and a cheesy smile and it comes off looking sad rather than cool. Unless some girl is a junkie or drug addict, she’s not going to find you super attractive, trust me. I always suggest hitting on girls when you are sober versus wasted. It’s always been more effective for me.

Don’t be a dick. Never post anything that is directly offensive to certain groups of people. It’s just really bad taste. So is cursing constantly and criticizing everyone and everything. If you come off as a dick on your timeline, you could scare off a potential connection. All it takes is one stupid comment or post and you’ve made yourself look like a total asshole, kudos to you!

Avoid posting a photo in traffic. Posting a bad selfie is one thing. Posting a dangerous one is something else entirely. You should not post a photo of yourself in traffic for two reasons. You might crash and feel like an idiot. You’ll also look like you’re desperate for attention. Guys that take pics in cars are complete tools. It makes them look like they can’t wait until they get to a destination to start photographing. Losers!

Avoid posting photos in inappropriate places. Don’t post photos of yourself in a bathroom or at a graveyard. One of the worst is when guys post a photo of themselves with people fighting in the background. You’re not tough so stop trying to act like a badass.

No one wants to see you nude. Too many guys think that women want to see photos of them scantily clad. Sorry guys, but it just doesn’t work that way. Women can take a revealing photo and guys love it. If a guy posts a revealing photo, it mostly looks gross.

Avoid posting humiliating photos of others. Don’t willingly post photos of your friends or anyone who is in a humiliating position. You wouldn’t want that done to you and it’s an invasion of that person’s privacy. Posting photos like that show that you are petty and vindictive or you just don’t care about how you make someone look or what you reveal about them.

Well, if you can manage to avoid doing all of these things, then chances are you’ll find yourself in being able to better connect with girls via social media and other casual networks. Don’t take my word for it though, just do it and see what happens. In fact, your best best is to start right here to kick things off.