Important Reasons Why I Hit On Girls Sober


Sure, you go to the club or bar and get wasted. It’s going to happen. You meet a girl and you start chatting with her. Chances are you’ve already started to hit on her. One thing leads to another and all the weed, blow, and booze that you’ve consumed have taken control and you’re no longer in the driver¬†seat. I’m sure you think this is great for your sex game but chances are it’s the complete opposite. Let me tell you something, doing coke in the club all night to try and stay alert enough to meet some chick to fuck isn’t going to get you laid. In fact, you’d be better off staying sober the entire night and trying to meet up with some smoking hot girl completely alert versus doing it polluted.

Many people turn to drugs and alcohol to try and get an edge. Maybe they do it to try and relax. What I can say about all of this is that its complete bullshit and it’s not helping at all. Here are some of the reasons why you should try and stay sober to flirt and hook up with girls that you meet out and about. While we all like to send filthy text messages to girls (and you still can) we typically only do it when we are wasted. Take my approach and you’ll have much better luck.

Hit On Girls Sober

Main Reasons Why You Should Hit On Girls Sober

There are a few reasons why I recommend you hit on women sober, I could spend all day listing out dozens of reasons but I’d rather spend time on video chat with some naked local girl instead. That being said, I’ll keep this list short and sweet. Here are the main reasons…

You Look Weak

Did you know that most smart people are willing to put down the beer for a chance to fuck a really hot girl. The same applies to hitting on girls at the local bar or party. Some people wait until they’ve finished their beer to go and approach a girl. Taking this approach doesn’t make you cool looking. In fact, what it does is it makes the girl think that you care more about your beer than you do actually meeting her. That’s never a good way to start things off. The approach makes it look like you have a chemical dependency and absolutely no one (other than another drunk) cares about the booze or drugs. When you put substances that much further ahead of a girl, then chances are you’re not going to ever have a good time with any of those that you meet. Sure, you may have a half ¬†night stand here and there but that’s it. Nothing consistent at all! You look like a weak pathetic pussy that couldn’t fuck a girl if she tried.

Better Memory

Once you start to get too drunk or fucked up on drugs, there’s a good chance you’re going to forget things that you’ve said. I’ve been able to remember things that I’ve said to girls and things that I’ve done to them sober and it’s been awesome. There’s nothing better than fucking a girl and waking up the next morning to remember everything you said and did to her. When you get wasted, you forget girls names, where you parked your car, how you got there and a whole lot more. Even if it’s a girl you met online that you don’t plan on fucking again, you’ll look like a dumb douchebag if you forget things that you said and did to her. it’s just a bad approach.


One of the main reasons why I don’t like to hit on girls while drinking is because it always leads to me being more hungover than usual. I’m not sure if it’s because I just go hard as a mofo while hitting on girls to try and impress them or what. All I know is that it’s next to impossible for me to feel good about myself once I’ve fucked some ugly slut that I settled for at a bar drunk. When instead, I could have met a smoking hot woman online, been balls deep in her while sober and still felt like a million bucks the night before.

Now, these reasons should be enough for you to not want to hit on girls while drunk or doing drugs. If they aren’t then I’m sorry, I’ve got nothing for you then!