How To Keep Better Track Of Your Dates


If you’re like many men using casual dating sites, chances are you’ve been going on a number of dates on a monthly basis. Although most people using casual dating sites prefer to go on one night stands and avoid second dates, sometimes they date the same women. I’m going to give you some pointers that will help you succeed in the dating field today.

Keep Track of Your Dates

Tips To Help You Keep Track Of Your Dates

We’ll kick things off right away. Here’s the full rundown of what you can do to keep track of your dates…

Before The Date

I have a secret technique that I think works pretty well. What I do is make sure I carefully save and document the girl I’m set to go on a sex date with. I typically save her number in my phone first and foremost.

I always put notes on the girl like the things that she likes or the color of her hair. It helps me remember who she is given that I’ve got so many girls numbers on my phone. I need to stay organized.

I almost always make note of where I met the girl (which site) and where we went on a date. This isn’t necessary but it definitely helps out a lot.

If you have a number of girls in your phone with the same name, just give them each nicknames. Make sure your nicknames are not offensive at all.

During The Date

Once you both get to talking with one another, it’s crucial that you put your phone away. During your dates, you’re going to ruin things if you leave your phone out and continue to get text messages from other girls. Even if you’re just looking to have sex one time with someone.

I also think that you need to jot down some things that the girl mentions she likes during the date. For example, if she says she wants to fuck in a public park, then make note of that in her profile. What you need to do is not make the notes in front of the girl. That’s just fucking creepy.

After The Date

At this point, you’ve either gotten lucky with the girl and had sex, fooled around or you struck out. You need to make note of that on her vCard on your phone.


Well, you want to know if you’ve got a second sex date shot in the works. By chance, if you need to make a booty call then you might be able to give her a ring. Let me end by stating that taking diligent notes has allowed me to reconnect with some girls I’ve met online even a year later.

I waste zero time and skip all the typical small talk. Instead, I’ve got a classic way of rekindling fuck dates with all the snap sext girls that I’ve dated.


Those few tips should keep you in order and all the girls that you’ve got in your digital fuck book. Make sure you take action if you want to successfully date and hookup regularly.