How To Get A Girl To Have Sex With You


There’s a bit of a misconception that if you’re a guy and you follow a simple script that you’re going to successfully seduce a girl and eventually convince her to have sex with you. This is absolutely incorrect and in fact, is by no means is there are tried and true specific system that will get you laid every time. If that’s what you’re thinking exists then by all means, I’ll find thousands of things I’d like to sell you. But since I’m not a complete asshole, I’m not going to do that. Instead, I’m here to share with you a few tips that I’ve learned from some mentors that have helped me hook up with women that I’ve met online. These should all be somewhat helpful and may even help you crack the code, leading to having sex with some hot women in the very near future.

how to get a girl to have sex with you

A Few Things That Might Get A Girl To Have Sex With You

1) Let Her Know and Seduce Her

If you really want to get physical with a woman or perhaps your sex date, then I suggest you let her know how physically attracted you are to her. The key to this is doing it in the most obscure manner possible. Don’t just come out and say she’s hot and that you want to bang. That will not get your dick wet! Instead, I recommend you take a more humorous approach. You’ll have to play around with this to find what works. It’s going to be a bit different for each girl as we all have different levels of humor. Humor can sometimes even impress a girl enough to win them over alone.
2) Create Sexual Tension

If you want to get in her pants, you’ve got to create some sort of tension and by tension I mean sexual tension. The more the merrier too! Sexual tension typically occurs when two people are attracted to one another. You’ve got to get to a peak sexual tension level so that you can really push things over the hump and make it happen.

How do you do that? Simple, you must use your eyes and body to make this happen. Lean close to your date and look at her in a way that you really are fully engaged in everything about her. Pay careful attention to her legs and extremities, giving more attention to her hands, arms, legs as well as head. Now, I’m not telling you to stare at her like a piece of meat, just be slick about it and look overly interested in her and you just might increase your chances of getting inside her.

get a girl to have sex with you

Now, full disclosure, getting laid using a casual sex dating site like SnapSext is probably a lot easier than it might be with other sites. That’s because most of the women are willing and ready to have sex with the same motive as you. Use that to your advantage and get laid quicker!