Snapchat Girls That You Need To Know About


I’ve been using both Snapchat and Snapsext for quite some time. It’s true that there are more girls willing to fuck on Snapsext, but that doesn’t mean that you should completely neglect those pretty Snapchat girls. I’m going to give you a rundown of my favorite girls and why I love chatting with them so damn much.

snapchat girls

Hottest Snapchat Girls That You Need To Know About

I’m going to keep this super straight forward so that I don’t waste too much of your time. Plain and simple, you need to know about these girls, follow them, and perhaps even try to fuck them if you’re man enough.

Let’s get things started here!!!!

Laura Lux

snapchat girls laura lux

So, this girl is a DJ from Australia living in Cali. She’s got crazy colorful hair and loves to party. Check her out if you’re looking for a wild girl that likes to party hardy. Her handle is @Lauralux.

Amanda Cerny

snapchat girls amanda cerny

This next girls handle is @AmandaCerny and she’s a former playmate model. You can only imagine the types of snaps and fucking that goes on here with this chick! She’s super popular and definitely fuckable.

Emily Sears

snapchat girls emily sears

This hot blonde is a badass and will fuck your shit up if you send her dick pics. Don’t even try it my friend. However, do check her out because she’s so fucking hot. Her handle is @Emilysearsaus

Erika Gray

snapchat girls brazilian barbie

This is a Brazilian bikini model that’s blonde and part German. I mean, for fuck’s sake, why can’t I slide my dick inside this hot woman! If you like bikinis and tan lines then you best check her out. Her snap chat handle is @BrazilianBarbi.

Abagail Ratchford

snapchat girls abagail ratchford

Save the best for last, this is Abagail Ratchford and she’s a model from America. Her body is stunning. Her attitude is superb and her pussy is probably delicious! Find her @abiratchford. You will not be sorry if you do! She looks like a crazy gym fanatic and I like that a lot about her!

This is a hand selected list of Snapchat girls that I like to follow. Yes, there are more out there. If you think I should I someone to the list, please leave a comment!