How To Tell A Woman You Like Her More Than A Friend


There’s nothing worse than liking someone without her knowing it. You never know how she’s going to react if she ever finds out. It might end up being something that you simply have to keep to yourself for as long as you know her. No one should ever have to deal with that.

If you have a friend that you like, you should be able to talk to her about it. There are ways to do it that will at least ensure that everything is out on the table. You don’t want to keep something like this to yourself.

You can end up resenting your friend for not picking up on the way you feel about her, even though you’ve never let her know about it. If you like, then you should tell her about it. Just make sure that you know how to do it.

girl and guy who are just friends

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Have Good Reason For More Than Just Friendship

The very first thing that you need to do is make sure you know why a romance would work between the two of you. That’s the most important.

When you tell her what’s going on, you need your reasons to back it up. You have to tell her why you think you’d work and why you should try something out.

That doesn’t mean that you need your entire relationship worked out in your mind, though. You just have to have the reasons to give her for getting together.

It can be that you’re in similar places or it can be that you both want the same things out of life. No matter what the reasons happen to be, you have to have them ready to go when you start the conversation.

It will help you along and let her know that you’re not just reacting to a sudden lust.

Tease Her To Start Things Up

You’re then going to want to start off with some light teasing. Tease her with the idea of being in a relationship with her. Call her your girlfriend when you’re out in public.

Her reaction is going to let you know if you should proceed. If she jokes along with you, then you should be ready to tell her. If she recoils in disgust, then you don’t have a single chance.

Find someone else and stop thinking that you could ever have something with this person and you’ll be much happier.

Conclusion: Just Tell Her How You Feel

So, based on what I’ve shared today, you should now know how to ask a friend out without ruining a friendship.

If you go through the other steps, then all you have left is to simply tell her. Be straightforward and let her know why you should try dating. Now you just have to be ready to accept her answer. It doesn’t matter what it is.

She has the right to tell you yes or no. Then you just have to go with it. Trying over and over again isn’t going to get you anywhere. Be ready to both start something with her and to move on at the same time. That’s how you tell her that you like her.