What To Do Before Morning Sex


We all love having morning sex. It’s no secret that it can be the best time of day to actually have sex. However, there are a few things that I typically suggest doing before you do it with each other! We can all be kinda gross upon waking and unfortunately it’s just the nature of being human. In order to make morning sex more enjoyable, I’ve put together a number of things that you should do before fucking the girl still in your bed from last night’s date.

Best Morning Sex Tips

Things To Do Before Morning Sex

Below you will find a list of things that you can do if you want to have a successful round of morning sex. Whether you have a girl in your bed from a one night stand or someone you smash on the regular. These tips all apply!

Brush Your Teeth
This rule is one that I typically never break. I refuse to punish a girl with my stank breath upon waking. Instead, you should neutralize your disgusting breath by simply brushing your teeth soon as you wake up. Use your toothbrush with toothpaste and even throw in some mouthwash for added measure. Now you shouldn’t feel so uncomfortable about breathing and moaning into your date’s face with shit breath!

Quick Shower
Showers are nice, especially when you can invite the girl you fucked last night in for a rinse down as well. Don’t be afraid to shower together, get nice and morning fresh than have sex in the shower. It’s a real nice way to start off your day! Save the water and shower together. That especially goes if you’ve rented a hotel and you’re staying in a place with an awesome luxury bathroom!

That brings me to the next thing you need to do. It’s typically customary to use the bathroom first when you wake up. Don’t hold your pee in just to try and better concentrate on having sex. It’s actually bad to hold your pee inside too long anyway. I always use the restroom first before sex, even if that means losing my morning wood.

Apply Deodorant
Some of us sweat when we sleep and that stank ain’t nothing nice. Smelly armpits and body odor is a terrible turnoff. Be sure that you smell extra fresh in the morning before sex and apply deodorant generously.

Wash Your Face
If you don’t want to take a shower then I at least recommend that you splash some cool water on your face. It’ll help wake you up a bit more. Not to mention, it will help clear up all that nasty eye booger crust on your face as well. Just take the effort to remove it all and you’ll look and feel better!

Comb Your Hair
Bed head can make just about anyone look like a piece of crap. Consider gently combing your hair so your bed head doesn’t completely turn off your sex partner.

I like my morning joe and I’m sure others do as well. Don’t be afraid to have coffee and even breakfast before morning sex. If you’re slick enough, you might even prepare all this the night before without the girl knowing. Then you can surprise her with breakfast in bed. You’ll be scoring big points doing this!

Well, those are my morning sex tips to make it fucking awesome for both people involved. Don’t take my word for it, though. Try these tips out next time before you decide to fuck the girl in your bed from last night’s date.