Ultra Honest Dating Sites Exist Already


I recently came across an article that wrote about a new Saturday Night Live (SNL) skit that aired this past weekend. It was based on the release of an app called Settl, which was a dating app that connects people willing to settle for less. Then I read the title of this article and immediately thought to myself, why the hell is SNL doing a skit on this? It’s not that funny and in fact, there are plenty of dating opportunities that exist out there for people and while the skit insinuates that ultra-honest dating sites don’t exist, I’m here to tell you this is absolutely false.

honest dating site

Settl SNL Dating Skit

SNL is way behind the 8-ball with this!

There are apps and dating sites out there that consist of honest members looking for specific things. A perfect example of this is none other than Snap Sext! For example, Snapsext.com members join the site in hopes of connecting with horny locals that like to chat, text and meet to have sex with each other. If that’s not honesty,┬áthen I don’t know what is.

I think the problem is that everyone is spending time looking for some politically correct match that looks good instead of being honest with themselves and letting the world know that all they really want to do is have sex and meet some fun people to hang out with!

Having spent hundreds of hours using Snapsext, I’ve learned that there is an ultra-honest dating site that exists out there and if you’re looking to be a part of a network where people are honest with themselves, members, and the community as a whole then I’d suggest you look into joining this site.


Now, if you’d prefer to continue to lie and connect with boring people on all those crappy mainstream dating sites then go right ahead and continue to do what you’re doing. You’ll eventually learn just like I did! I’d keep sharing my thoughts on this, but I have to try and line up some girls to fuck this weekend so I’ve got other priorities today. Sorry! All things aside, the video is pretty damn funny! It’s worth checking out!