Things You Must Know Dating Younger Girl


Let’s face it guys. No matter how old you are, a younger girl is always appealing. Sometimes she reminds you of your youth and sometimes it’s just because their soft, supple skin and youthful energy turns you on. No matter what your reasons for dating a younger girl, there are some things you should know about doing so.

The good news for you is that I’ve laid out some “must know” stuff to always take into consideration when dating a younger girl. Quite frankly, it doesn’t matter whether you met her at a bar of while using an adult dating service. If she’s younger than you, then you need to know these things. Yes, some may seem stereotypical of me but just read them please.

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Things You Should Know When Dating a Younger Girl

She may listen to music that you think is crap – Do not let her know how crappy her music selection is. If anything, just suggest something else, but only after her song is over.

You probably can’t party like she can – Pace yourself and don’t try to keep up with her. Always keep your own partying threshold in mind and don’t overdo it.

She is more likely to get carried away with partying – While she might have a higher partying threshold, she is still likely to exceed it. Don’t encourage her to get too drunk or the party will end too soon.

She will be bouncing off the walls when you just want to relax – She might be high energy to the point of annoyance, but never show that you are annoyed. If it bothers you that much, maybe you shouldn’t be with her.

She doesn’t want to be reminded of your age – Don’t do anything to make her think you are stuffy or uptight. She wants an older man, but she doesn’t want a fucking uptight dude. She wants a fuck buddy that’s going to wine and dine her. She’ll give up the pussy if you do your part.

Her friends will probably want you too – There is often competition between young ladies and the better you treat her, the more her friend will want you. Tread lightly here and you might even get the friend.

Prepare for a lot of “likes” in your conversations – Many twenty-something year old girls say “like” a lot. The less she says it, the smarter she is likely to be.

You will probably finish before she does – She’s young. She’s hot. You are going to finish quickly in bed, so be prepared for a lot of foreplay.

If you go down on her, she’ll be back for more – This goes for any woman. If you take care of her needs first, she’ll want more. Caution: You may not be able to get rid of her.

She wants it just as bad as you do – Okay you want her, but she wants you too. Don’t chase her and she will come on stronger.

Sure, these are just a few things that you need to be aware of and yes I came up with the list myself based on the knowledge I’ve gained after fucking lots of college girls. You will soon understand what I’m talking about if you put forth the effort to connect with more girls online. Just snap sext or sex chat with a few college girls and you’ll be on your way to getting laid in no time.

College Girl Sex: What You Must Know


College girl dating isn’t easy, but the good news is that it’s not impossible to be successful at it. No, I’m not talking about which dating site to use to increase your chances. I’ve already done that. Instead, I’m going to give you a few pointers that should help you have great sex with college girls.

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Four Things To Know About College Girl Sex!

You Must Incorporate Foreplay
If you think that you can just date a college girl and go straight for it then you’re absolutely crazy. If you do that then she’s going to laugh in your face for doing so. College girls love getting eaten out. They love foreplay and they want to get so worked up that they can’t even keep their hands off of you.

You Must Have Stamina
If you want to have sex with a sexy college girl, then you need to have stamina in order to be able to please her. College girls can fuck like crazy. They’ve got more energy and stamina than anyone. It’s even hard for me to keep up with college girls sometimes and I’ve been fucking them for years with practice.

You Must Make Her Orgasm
If you don’t make a college girl orgasm then you’re never ever going to have sex with her again. I don’t care if you have a huge dick. College girls don’t give a fuck if you don’t know how to use it. Practice makes perfect and if you want to up the amount of college girl sex you’re having then I suggest you make girls cum every time. Put in some effort to make that happen for your partner.

You Must Flirt With Them
College girls have so many chances to get laid it’s not even funny. I’m talking hundreds of guys want to hook up with girls at their college and they get asked out like 20 times per day. If you want to get a college girls attention then you need to really flirt with them. Who knows, doing so may even end in a half night stand or a few of them!

Knowing these four things will help get you get laid by more college girls in the future. Just take action, connect with girls online and set up a few dates and you’re good to go! If you do as mentioned above and you’re still having trouble meeting college girls and convincing them to fuck you then I urge you to contact me directly for personal advice. I’ll be more than happy to help consult you on your dating approach.

How To Make Friends In College


The reason I’m writing on this topic is because I’ve had some friends ask me how to make friends in college and given that this is a dating review site, I figured it was a good topic to cover here.

Making friends in college is a fairly easy thing and it comes naturally to a lot of people. But there are still some students that feel socializing randomly with other people is awkward. Awkwardness is natural and should not be feared because it only feels like that for a few minutes before you get comfortable. That goes for especially when you’re hanging out with some sexy college girl that you want to bang.

People attending your college will naturally come to you but if you are having a problem finding like-minded people, you just need to change a few things about yourself.

How To Make Friends In College

Places To Make Friends In College

The first thing you must change and realize about friendship is that sometimes you will have to take things in control and actually be brave enough to start a conversation with other people. There is absolutely nothing wrong with approaching someone and just talking to them. You should be doing this in person and online!

Your college/university is a friend mine in these places specifically:

Dating Network Sites
I meet lots of college girls online using dating sites because that’s where they hang out. They love hanging out online and they use the sites almost daily. If you’re not on one then you better join one today!

The people in your class are the first place where you will start making friends automatically. You will probably get assigned to a group to do group work and that is where you will start making your first friends. Be nice to them and be useful in the group. During or after class, don’t be embarrassed to go and talk to them more about other things.

If you are living in at a residence hall or dorm provided by the college, your first friend will be your room mate. If you have trouble getting attached to people or find it really awkward to talk to new people, your room mate can probably help you with that.

Start hanging out with your room mate more often and you will meet new people through them. This is a pretty good place to start looking for new friends since all the social awkwardness seems to diminish when you are with someone you already know.

There are several student hobby groups and other clubs in colleges. If you want to meet and talk to someone who shares a lot of things like yourself, go and join a hobby group. This is an excellent place to get to know people who are very much like you.

Plus it’s always a good idea to start a new hobby since it not only helps you find new people but also keeps you busy throughout your years in college/university.

Extra Classes
Classes that are kept outside college are also a very good place to find friends. You could join any class such as dance classes, cooking classes or painting classes.

Well, those are a few of the many ways that you can make friends in college. Remember, college is about experiencing things! That means having sex with random girls on campus.