Why I Love Going On Cougar Dates


I am a huge fan of going on cougar dates. In fact, I like to think that about 30% of the people I’m meeting on my go-to mobile dating app are cougars. They’re women in their late 40s that are simply looking to get some dick and nothing more or less. They need just enough inches to satisfy and poof, they’re gone like the wind. Find out why I love dating cougars on a regular basis and why I suggest you start to do the same.

cougar dates

Reasons I Go On Cougar Dates Weekly

There are plenty of reasons why I go on dates with cougars. Many of them are relatively obvious so long as you open your eyes and ears. If you’ve got even the slightest bit of intelligence or the ability to pinpoint things then you’ll quickly understand why I love these aged women.

No Pressure

There’s never any pressure when dating a cougar. In fact, they’re so relaxed it’s insane. I’ve met some older women that carry themselves perfectly and relaxed. I have never felt any pressure dating them because it’s so short terms and they know that. They just want some young dick to clean their pipes. Nothing I can’t handle.

No Drama

Older women are over the drama and they have no reason to have any in their lives. even if you’re dating a married woman, you can count on them not bringing any drama into your life for any reason whatsoever. That might be one of the main perks of dating these aged ladies.

Great Sex

Most of the time, dating cougars means that you’re going to be hooking up with an aged woman that has a perfect pussy that knows how to use it. I think older women know how to handle themselves way better than most girls my age.

Just Bang

Sometimes these older ladies are willing to wine and dine younger men. They want you to feel good about yourself so they splurge and pay for things for you. Nice dinners, fancy wine, and drinks and then just banging like crazy for hours. Does that sound like something you’d enjoy? On certain occasions, I’ve been out and about in town, connected to my phone, messaged a local cougar and less than an hour later I’m eating steak or licking her pussy. How’s that sound for fun huh?

Well, last but not least, I love using my mobile phone and meeting local cougars on the go. They’re always connected and it makes it so simple to establish a connection with them.