Awesome Devil’s Threesome Positions To Try Out


Are you willing to try something edgy and fun in terms of hooking up? My suggestion would be to try a devil’s threesome then! If you are not familiar with the term “Devil’s Threesome,” it’s a term used to describe three-way sex involving two males and a female. It takes men who are comfortable with their masculinity to pull this off. If you have the chance to be involved in one, and you feel you are ready, there are a few positions that will help you make the best of it. Here are 9 of the best positions to try in a devil’s threesome. I get it, some of this stuff is pretty advanced and getting her in bed seems almost effortless if you can pull this stunt off!

Devil's Threesome

Best Devil’s Threesome Positions To Try Out

Here are some of the best positions to consider if you want to do a devil’s threesome. You’ll need to be open about them. Just trust me and you’ll be fine!

One On Each End (OOEE)

This one is the easiest and probably the most common position in this type of threesome. The girl positions herself on her hands and knees. One guy enters her doggy style while the other one kneels in front of her getting a blowjob.

OOEE (Reverse Cowgirl Edition)

This is another position involving one penis in the girl’s vagina and the other in her mouth. One guy lies down while the girl rides him in the reverse cowgirl position and the other guy stands facing her while she gives him a blowjob.

OOEE (Oral Sex Edition)

This position involves oral sex only. One guy lies down while the girl straddles his face and receives oral sex. The other guy stands to face her and gets a blowjob.

Double Penetration

This is the standard position for each guy to enter a hole. The girl straddles one guy in the cowgirl position while he penetrates her vagina and the other guy straddles his legs and enters the girl from behind.

Double Penetration (Spoon Edition)

This position involves a girl and a guy lying on their sides, facing each other, while he enters her vagina. The other guy gets in a spooning position behind the girl and enters her from behind.

Double Penetration (Reverse Cowgirl Edition)

This is a variation of the double penetration position. It’s the same as the standard DP position except the girl is in reverse cowgirl position being penetrated anally while the other guy enters her vagina.

Double Penetration (Standing Edition)

Be sure to hold on tight for this one. One guy stands while the girl straddles him and he enters her vagina. The other guy stands behind her penetrating her anally.

The Circus Seal

This popular devil’s threesome position involves both guys in a standing position while the girl gets on her knees between them with their penises in each hand and she goes back and forth bobbing on both giving them blowjobs.

Anal 69

This one is a bit difficult and is better for one guy than the other. One guy gets in the 69 position with the girl while the other guy enters her from behind. This is more difficult for the guy on the bottom because he has balls dangling over his forehead.

Okay, I know this topic might not have been a fan favorite of everyone but it’s important to be open about these things. Some people consider this type of sex to be just a basic part of modern casual dating today. Times sure have changed and as they have, so should you!