Signs You Got Laid Last Night


I typically don’t make posts in reference to both women and men but this topic covers both genders for sure. Want to be able to determine if your friend got laid last night? All you need to do is know what signs to look for!

The scenario that you find yourself in when you wake up in the morning after having sex the night before can be radically different between men and women. Here are the common signs for both men and women that you had sex last night. They might be different, but there are also a lot of parallels.

you got laid

A Few Signs That You Got Laid

The “I just had sex” smile – Everyone, and I mean everyone, has that sleepy smile the next morning that tells the world you just got laid. It’s no secret that a certain type of smile exists on individuals faces that have gotten some pussy the night before.

There’s a spring in your step – Everything is right with the world, even if it’s only temporary. Things you were stressed about don’t seem so important.

Your clothes are spread across your apartment – The clothes you wore the night before aren’t in a pile next to the bed per usual. Time to retrace your foreplay steps to track them all down. Good chance that there’s a condom on the floor too.

Your friend texts you to congratulate you on last night’s score – You get a text from your friend who seen you leave with her. He rooted for you when you left, now he is contacting you congratulate you on a job well done.

You have make-up smeared on your face – You likely have more make-up on your face than she does, but you don’t care. You just got laid.

The “I just had sex” smile – Didn’t I say that everyone has that sleepy smile the next morning? That goes for the ladies too.

You have the after sex waddle – She would have more of a spring in her step had she not been ravaged the night before to the point that she has that “I just had sex” waddle. Some girls I’ve met online tell me they can barely walk the next day after I’ve pounding their pussies for hours.

You have trouble finding your panties – Even if you find all your other clothes fine, your panties often elude you. You promise yourself that you are going to be careful where you throw them next time but you never are.

Your friend texts you to tell you what a slut you are – She doesn’t really mean it but she does a little. She’s being playful because she saw you leave with him and she can’t wait for all the juicy details.

Your make-up is smeared all over your face – The time you spent on your face goes out the window during sex and all your make-up ends up on him making him look prettier than you the next day.

There you have it folks. That’s all there is to it. You should be the best “got laid detective” on the planet now. Here’s the thing, instead of worrying about other people, why don’t you try meeting someone that you can sext with online instead?