How To Pimp Out A Bachelor Pad To Get More Girls


I’m all about style, not so much grace but style is my thing! I can flat out tell you that I did one thing to help increase the number of hookups that I have and it was just pimping my place out. I sunk some money into my living space to try and impress girls that come over. Guess what, it worked! After making a number of changes, I’m ready to spill the beans and share some insights with you on what I did and what you should do as well.

Bachelor pad tips

Tips For Creating A Sick Bachelor Bad

You can pick and choose what you want to do here within this list of ideas. I suggest attacking one or two things at first and then slowly improving things. It’s costly but well worth the effort. No need to hire an interior designer when you have me!

Remove The Posters

If you’re living in an apartment or house like you’re in a college dorm then clean you act up son! Any foolish posters hanging on the way have got to go. Especially if they are old sports posters or swimsuit models. Grow the fuck up dude!

Nice In-Home Theater System

I love a nice in home theater system and I know that girls really dig it. Why is this so important? Well, it’s much more comfortable watching a video in the comfort of your own home versus doing so at the movies. On top of that, you can hook up with a girl at home a lot easier. Not to mention it’s something that you can enjoy yourself when no is around.

Nice Living Room Setup

A solid living room setup encompasses a good looking ottoman and couch, entertainment center and clean yet minimalistic style. Stay away from the cheesy leather couch too. I don’t think they are in style as much as people think these days.


You better pick up some really cool artwork if you want to impress a girl. I’m telling you right now that they are great conversation pieces and girls like guys who buy art. It shows that you’re imaginative and that you value things.

Clean Bar Setup

It’s always nice to have a small bar setup at your place. It’s classy and elegant looking. I always go for this look over a keg in the living room any day. Make sure you stock plenty of wine, beer, and spirits.

Full Bedroom Set

A bachelor pad isn’t pimped out without a full bedroom set. If you’re sleeping on a mattress that’s up against the wall and that’s it then you need to step your game up. That’s a good way to scare a girl away. Having a full bedroom set makes your life look more permanent and put together.

These aren’t crazy ideas but just some that I think really make a difference. Oh and one other thing, you need to keep your house clean at all times! Don’t live like a slob! Girls don’t like to bang slobs! If you’ve done all this and you need more options, contact me and I’ll give you a few more.