Why Being In Shape Is Important When Dating


Whether you are in your twenties or your late forties, being in shape when dating online is extremely important. It’s one of the core components of life and to be balanced requires that you be in shape. When you’re dating women that you meet online, you need to be in shape. You don’t have to be in 300 the movie shape, but you better be in great shape if you want to make really good progress meeting and hooking up with some of these women you meet.

being in shape matters

Being In Shape Is Important For Online Dating

Here are a few solid reasons why being in shape is super important if your casually dating people you meet online. Find out the impact that it can have on your dating life.


This is a no brainer but being in shape, you’ll have more stamina versus being a fat slob. You need stamina in the bedroom if you want to have the best dating success.

Everyone I know that’s in good shape has a better sex life because they can go for hours in the bedroom. Being fat isn’t going to give you the sexual stamina you need so put down the pasta and pick up a protein shake instead.

Looking Good

Let’s face it, women are more attracted to guys that look good. Physical appearance is important and if you disagree then I’d venture to say that you’re probably ugly and out of shape.

No, you don’t have to look like you’ve taken steroids but being in great shape does help you out a lot. Not to mention, you’ll look better on a naked snap chat if you’re fit.


People that are in great shape have more energy than those who aren’t. They can literally go on for 18 hours a day with a great attitude and awesome energy.

What this means is that they have more chances to have more opportunities because they have the energy to take on the opportunities.


Dating online can be pretty intimidating today. The dating pool is getting bigger and we all are trying to achieve the same thing, meet someone. If you’re looking to meet someone, when you have the chance to do so you must present yourself as a confident individual. Confidence makes you feel a whole lote better about yourself in general too.

I’m sure you’ve heard that if you say something in the mirror enough you will eventually begin to truly believe it and there’s a better chance that it will come true. Well, I honestly believe that this is true and I think confidence has everything to do with dating success.


Most fit people are fearless. They have no fear and they don’t live in fear. If you are in your mid-20s then you probably know how popular the No Fear clothing brand was in the 90s.

We all wore them and the no fear mentality made it easier to attract girls. I’ve spent a lot of time working on my ability to fear nothing and it’s certainly helped with dating girls. I’m not afraid to try and fuck any woman on this earth. I’ll do what it takes to get laid.

If you’re looking for some diets and workout routines to help get fit then I’d be happy to provide them for you. I can guarantee I can get you ripped in less than a month. As a result, you’ll be fucking more girls, I promise!