Ebony Flirt Review: Not Getting Laid, Not A Chance In Hell!

I’ve been flirting with tons of black girls in my neighborhood lately. Most of the girls are locals that hang out at the shady watering hole a block from my place. Although I’d had plenty of luck just going there to meet people for action, I wanted more. That’s why I went ahead and gave the Ebony Flirt website a shot. Having spent many years using sites that work like a charm, I thought that ebonyflirt.com was just like that but more niche. Well, I was completely wrong. In fact, I couldn’t possibly be more incorrect. Here’s the scoop on this ebony dating sham that’ll have you running for the hills faster than you can even imagine.Ebony Flirt Dating Site

My Review Of EbonyFlirt, The Black Dating Site That Scams People

Okay, so you’ve likely grasped the fact that I am not here to try and pull the wool over your eyes and tell you how grand and amazing this website is. Not even close, in fact, you’ll find that I’m more open and honest when it comes to using dating sites than most can even imagine. I still use my go-to site, but I write about others once I discover them. This scam is nothing different from the typical disruptive sack of dog crap that pollutes the internet. Here’s the scoop…

Yes, It’s A Scam

Dating scam sites come in a variety of forms. Most people don’t realize just how deep and extensive these network of fraudulent sites go, and how much effort they put into looking like a reputable business. Ebonyflirt.com is one such site that goes out of its’ way to present itself as something trustworthy. This couldn’t be further from the truth, however, and a basic run through the site will reveal that these people are only out to steal your money.

Same Features, Same Scams

You will find typical dating site features once you come upon ebonyflirt.com, and this is how they lure you in. They have a search option, messaging, chat rooms, and picture galleries. The membership for the site runs from about four dollars for a three-day trial, up to a hundred and forty dollars for a six-month trial. However, the first red flag you should get from this site is by how many other dating sites it’s linked to. This is a common tactic of dating site scams. They often exist in one large network that is run by one or two companies. This is because once the scam is revealed, the company has to put up a new site.

Free Doesn’t Mean Free

So say you are not aware of these tactics, and you are lured in by the alleged free membership. First of all, not five minutes after you set up your account, you will find several messages in your inbox. This makes no sense and should set off your alarm bells.

Why would these hot women want to instantly hook up with a blank/empty account that has no profile picture? That’s because the messages you are receiving are from an automated bot. The site has these bots set up to spam your account as soon as possible. Once you start to think these women are interested in you, you’ll want to read and respond to the messages. That’s when you’ll be hit with the prompt to upgrade to a paid membership. Nothing on this site is actually for free.

Notifications Are Garbage

This tactic stretches through the site. They have a notifications feature that will constantly be going off, telling you that people have added you, “winked” at you or browsed your profile. Not a single one of these notifications are real. The site uses them as a tactic to make you think there is a ton of activity on your account. The moment you try to check it out further, you will once again be hit with a prompt to upgrade your membership.

Profiles Are Fake AF

If they are using these types of shady tricks, it’s obvious that the very profiles on the site are completely fake. If you’re suspicious why all these hot girls are gathered on this site, your suspicions will be confirmed once you do a reverse image search on the photos.

These pictures have been ripped from other places on the internet. Not only that, but the whole scheme is laid out in the terms and conditions. The site admits that profiles exist for promotions, that the notification system also is just for advertising, and that they maintain “staff profiles” on the site. All of this is just legal cover for them to scam you on a site that has no real people on it. Avoid this place at all costs.

Conclusion: Ebony Flirt Fails Every Test, Avoid This Network

The Ebonyflirt.com website is one that will get you nowhere. Simply put, it takes your money, makes it impossible to cancel your membership and it delivers no real users, ever. My advice would be to never use this site for anything at all. You’ll have far better luck heading to your local bar or coffee shop versus using a fake black dating site like this one.

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