Benaughty Review: Thumbs Down For Horrible Dating Service!

Some say that I’ve been around the block. Others wish they were in my shoes at times. To those wishing they were me, I’ve got one thing to say to them. It’s not always sunshine and rainbows in my life. That holds especially true when trying out a new dating site. The truth is that I’m not invincible and neither is my credit card. This is the main reason why I’m writing this review today. It’s on the BeNaughty website and I can’t get my personal experience on the books fast enough here.

I’ve been snapping and sexting and sending live videos to girls I want to bang for years. Sometimes I end up getting burned.

That’s EXACTLY what happened here.

Before you go judging me for slamming a site, I want you to take a step back and read this review. You’ll learn quite a bit from it if you simply put forth the time to read. Heck, doing so just might save you some money!

BeNaughty sucks big time!

BeNaughty Cost Me Money (For Nothing)

Some sites just aren’t worth your time or money. I don’t care how desperate you truly are, they just are not at all. That said, I’ve got a few things to share with you about the website.

Kicking things off without any fluff or bull…There’s just no good reason to ever join BeNaughty. That is unless you like paying for absolutely nothing in return.

They’ll do everything they possibly can to convince you that upgrading to a full profile is a good idea, but that’s exactly when you’re going to realize that it’s anything but that. Unfortunately, it will already be way too late to do anything about it. You’ll be left with a month of access to a site where you essentially do nothing, but look at fake profiles all day long and talk to computer programs just for the fun of it.

BeNaughty uses all the oldest tricks in the “scammer arsenal” to get you on the grab you (hook, line, and sinker). As soon as you make your profile, you’re going to start getting messages from tons of people who want a piece of you.

Sounds amazing right?!?! WRONG.

If you can look past the excitement, you’ll probably notice that you haven’t even uploaded a picture of yourself, let alone written anything that would draw in a single person. Why the hell would someone want anything to do with you without seeing you? Riddle me that my friend, seriously.

Responding To Messages

As soon as you try to respond to these people, you’re going to be brought to a payment screen to upgrade your account. You won’t be able to send a single message unless you pay up, and that’s the beauty of the scam. They know that the curiosity will get the better of you because they’ve been at it for so long. They know exactly what people will respond to, and they craft their bots to give them exactly what they need. They don’t beat around the bush or make nonsense comments; they get right to the heart of the matter. They make it seem like a real person is trying to talk to you, convincing you that all you need to do to set something up is respond using a paid account.

What Happens After Upgrading

Naturally, the second you do that, all of the chatbots will disappear and you’ll realize that not a single one of them was really into you. In fact, if you look at the profile pictures, you just might recognize a few because they’ve all been stolen from other sites. On top of all that, as if it weren’t enough when you upload your own pictures, owns them. They can do whatever they want with them, and that includes using them to make even more fake profiles to scam other people. It’s simply the way these hookup sites have always been. Well, not all of them, but most.

The Verdict: BeNaughty Is Naughty AF For Taking Your Money

There’s nothing that you can do about them taking your money if you join. The best thing you can do is educate yourself and stay away from them. No scam is worth falling for when it could lead to your likeness being used somewhere else. If you want to stay safe, then keep away. There are plenty of other snap dating sites around for you to use and you might just come across someone who’s actually real and willing to meet up with you in person. All you’re going to find here are horny robots that can’t do anything. You’ll be left jerking off in the corner like you were last night. #Truth

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