VictoriaBrides Review: No Brides, Just Bots & Fake Women

I’m not necessarily about finding a bride, but I am all about finding someone to send snaps and bang eventually. It’s no easy task, but with my favorite site, it makes things much easier. I wish I could say the same about VictoriaBrides. This is not your average hook up site in a sense that you’re not really going to be hooking up with anyone. You’ll find out very quickly what I’m referring to and why. Here’s my complete review of the Victoria Brides website.

victoria brides review

VictoriaBrides Review Reveals The Truth

Are you lazy? If so, then you’ll figure out that this site is one big scam. Here’s how you’re going to find out and quickly. All it takes is a little bit of laziness to figure out that VictoriaBrides is a fake site. If you make your profile but neglect to enter any of your information, you’re going to be surprised by what happens. You’re still going to be getting a ton of attention from the women on the site. You’ll have a ton of messages in your inbox and you’ll have a ton of IM requests. Even though you haven’t even posted a picture, you already look like you’re killing it on the site. Naturally, this is all fake and just an attempt to scam you.

Messages From Rogue Women

What’s really happening is that you’re getting messages from profiles that have all been created by the site. None of them are real. You won’t even be able to respond to them and that’s the point. They’re all coming from bots that inundate the newest users with messages as soon as they sign up.

The only reason this happens is to entice you into upgrading your profile. If you want to talk to these people, you have to be a premium member. That’s the only reason that you seem to be so popular without so much as your basic information on display.

The Upgrade Stops All

Once you pay to upgrade, the messages are going to stop. There’s nothing at all to talk about because the people sending them were never real. Their purpose has been served and they can now move on to the next newest members. The company gets its money and you get to feel like you’ve been duped.

This is where you’ll find out exactly how empty the site happens to be. If anyone here is real, chances are really good that they’re simply the next marks on the list. They’ll either follow suit and upgrade before leaving or just abandon their free profiles altogether.

Fake Profiles Mentioned In Terms

If you take a look at the terms of service, you can see that you’re told about this. Not only that, you have to agree to be contacted by these fake profiles (same play that this site pulls). Since you’re doing that, you can’t exactly complain about them or get them into any trouble.

If you’re agreeing, then you can’t hold them to any other kind of standards. You should know what’s coming and you can’t do anything to stop it. As long as you’re a free profile, you’ll be getting messages to trick you into upgrading your profile.

Conclusion: VictoriaBrides Is A Fake Site, Nuff Said!

There’s no reason to deal with VictoriaBrides. They have nothing to offer but one giant scam. You’ll never talk to a single person here. It’s all set up to trick you and that’s it. There are plenty of better sites out there. All you have to do is find them. They can get you what you’re actually looking for and you’ll be able to tell right away. If you ever come across a site that seems too good to be true, it probably is. Turn right around and leave it immediately. It will never end well for you. If you’re looking for a bride, then use a site like or eharmony. You won’t find one on, that’s for sure.