UpForIt Review: A Must Read Before You Join This Network!

I’ve been using Snapsext longer than all other sites but I still like to dabble from time to time in other networks. The reason I do this is a to compare them to one another. One of the most recent sites that I dove into was the UpForIt network. Having come across some really horrible sites, I feel it’s in my civic duty to share my experiences with the world – both good and bad. I was recently burned using a Snapchat fuck site and ever since then, I’ve been more attentive and weary of what’s going on here in these networks.

upforit site screenshot

That said, I’m ready to share my personal experience using the UpForit.com network. Here are the facts!

My Review Of UpForit.com – Warning

As with so many other dating sites, if you bother signing up for upforit.com, then you’re just going to be in for it. Not only do they use all the same old scam techniques, but they’re part of a larger company that does nothing but own and operate similar sites.

It all works exactly like you would expect from people who have nothing to offer, but really want to get your money out of you. They’ll lie and cheat their way to your wallet. Then, once they’ve gotten what they need, you’ll be left with less money and nothing at all to show for it.

Money Is Their Interest

When you see a site that’s run by a larger company, they probably don’t have your best interests in mind. Once you get people who are the site itself, money becomes the only concern and they churn out nothing but the fastest ways to get it. They don’t much care about the individual’s experience with the product because he becomes nothing but a number. As long as his check clears, he’s left alone to discover the truth of the scam on his own and feel ripped off with no recourse left to him at all.

Fake Messages, Then Upgrade Push

The way that this place operates is simple. They send you fake messages in order to make you believe that paying for access will introduce you to a massive well of available singles.

They do this by making you order your subscription before you can actually read or respond to any of them. They’ll inundate you with them until you break down just to see what all the fuss is about. You’ll soon find out that it’s nothing but barely understandable nonsense, which will never be responded to again by the people who sent it to you.

Crap Terms

If you take a look at the terms of service you’ll see what’s really going on. The site tells you that you’re not signing up for a dating experience, you’re signing up for an entertainment experience. Those fake messages are what you’re really paying for. You’re being entertained with the thought that real people are interested in talking to you.

It’s all very insulting if you take a minute to think about it in any capacity. These fake messages are sent by paid employees who are nothing like what they claim to be. In fact, the majority of profile pictures that you see can be found on other dating sites. If you do a reverse image search, you’ll be able to find out where else on the internet these pictures have been used.

Conclusion: UpForIt Is Not Up To My Standards

Upforit.com is just one more to stay away from. They and all of the other sites in their company will stop at nothing to scam you. No amount of searching or browsing will ever lead you to a real person. You won’t be doing anything but talking to people who are paid to keep you entertained. There are much better ways to spend your time when you’re online and looking.

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